In principle, the dealer from whom you bought the vehicle is your contractual partner. The contractual partner is also legally obliged to fulfil the warranty within the legal framework conditions within the first two years from the date of purchase. 

Please note the additional warranty conditions that your contractual partner, i.e. the dealer, has agreed with you, can be found in the contract work or in the general terms and conditions of the respective dealer.

Body inspection

We recommend that you have an annual body inspection carried out by an authorised Carado GmbH dealer or service partner, as this will maintain the quality and value stability of your motorhome. The body inspection can also help to prevent damage and thus maintain the optimum condition of your vehicle in the long term.

Leakage guarantee

The leakage guarantee only applies if an annual leakage inspection is carried out. This inspection must be carried out by an authorised dealer or service partner of Carado GmbH.

You can find more information on the leakproofness guarantee in our FAQs on the leakproofness guarantee.


Please note that this information is provided without guarantee and is only intended as a guide. You will have to refer to your contract for exact details. We would like to point out that we do not assume any liability for the correctness or completeness of all information on this website.


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E-Mail: service@service.carado.de


Contact for general questions:
Phone: +49 75 61 9097-300
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