Get in, buckle up and let’s go! It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? That sense of unbridled freedom that you get soon after setting off in your motorhome. It’s the realisation that you suddenly have lots of possibilities, and all you have to do is choose one. You don’t always have to wake up and set the day’s schedule right there and then, instead you just do whatever takes your fancy whenever you want. Whether that’s early spring or late autumn, the right destination can make any road trip in your motorhome unforgettable.




Spring and summer road trips Spring and summer road trips


Spring is the best time to visit Sicily or the Algarve when blossom adorns the almond trees. By this time the weather is fairly calm with gentle breezes and mild night-time temperatures. You can feel the summer coming in the air. So where are the good summer holiday destinations? We’d be happy to tell you!

Spring is the time when nature awakens and people start getting an appetite for adventure. This makes southern Europe a great destination if you’re travelling between March and May. The trees are already starting to blossom, and the weather’s nice enough to comfortably spend time exploring outside. The weight of everyday life will suddenly seem to fall away as you sit outside a pavement café in the warm air. Coastal destinations are popular when temperatures rise. Have you ever taken the motorhome to the Portuguese coast on the Atlantic? What about Brittany? Even at the height of summer holiday season, you can still find some spots with a fresh sea breeze and superb views.


City breaks in autumn City breaks in autumn


Berlin, Paris, Vienna: When you mention city breaks, most people think of Europe’s capitals straight off the bat. These cities are well worth a visit any time of year, but they’re particularly delightful in autumn. However, if you’ve got a motorhome, there are some beautiful cities – which may be initially overlooked – waiting to be discovered.

There are still some insider’s tips that city travellers don’t know about and which will be particularly invaluable to those travelling in a Carado. Just enter the holiday destination into the satnav and go – it’s as simple as that. Cities like Strasbourg, Stockholm and even Riga in Latvia are fantastic destinations for globetrotters as well as anyone who wants to be one. These cities are perfect all year round for relaxed sightseeing, ambling your way around the old town and frequenting restaurants that serve up great food. Plus it’s perfect if you park your motorhome nearby, so you can continue on to the next top spot whenever you like.


There’s no place
like home
There’s no place
like home


Germany is a wonderful holiday destination, so why roam any further afield? And when you’ve got your own motorhome, you can explore areas from a whole new perspective. What about a bike ride tour around the Mecklenburg Lake District, for example? Or perhaps swimming and fishing in the Baltic Sea?

Germany has fantastic destinations in abundance. From the Alps and the Allgäu to the North Sea and Baltic Sea, you won’t believe how much there is to discover. Do you know the best hiking routes in the Harz mountains? Or the top spots along the Rothaarsteig mountain trail in Sauerland? Either way, it’s good to take your bike with you and plan routes from different starting points.

From the first buds until the last leaf falls, Germany is many people’s idea of a perfect road trip with plenty of places to stop along the way. We recommend taking a trip along the alpine roads, or the “Romantic Road” between Würzburg and Füssen, or even routes covering several different UNESCO sites. In all you can experience nature and culture at its finest any time of year.


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