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Karoline Tigges is a YouTuber and influencer. On her channels she lets her followers participate in her life between dogs, vanlife and nature. The last trip - together with her friend Nikola and the three dogs in total - went across south-east Europe to Greece. In the interview, Karo answers our questions about this unconventional trip.



Number and names of travellers:
Karoline and Nikola with their three dogs Milka, Toffee and Henry

Vehicle type: 
Carado CV600

Travel period:
17 days in July/August 2021

Kilometres travelled:
approx. 4,000 km

Starting point: 
Leutkirch im Allgäu

Tamsweg (Austria), Split (Croatia), Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Ulcinj (Montenegro), Durrës (Albania), Kastrosykia (Greece)

End point:
Lefkada (Greece)


Hello! Wow - that was a trip! Nice that you're back. Which place or spot do you remember most positively?:

Gaidaros Beach in Lefkada, Greece. The journey is a bit adventurous, but no problem at all with the agile CV600! We stood for two nights in the parking lot of the bar Nektar Paradise with a direct view of the turquoise blue sea and the beautiful white sandy beach of Gaidaros Beach. The owner of the bar was very welcoming and kind. Despite the high season, the beach was never crowded, and we could swim with our dogs and relax.

Was there a campsite or pitch on your travel route that you would recommend?:

Yes, the Nissos campsite in Kastrosykia. Really great pitches under old olive trees, very nice operators, fair prices - we paid 20 euros per night including electricity - with a wonderful boho-style ambience.

What are the top 3 things to do that you would definitely recommend for a trip like yours?

We were always active with the dogs. Whether it's stand-up paddling, snorkelling or taking a boat out to sea. We love to experience things and we would recommend everyone to just do that: be active, look around, try things out. Especially with dogs, being active is a must on vacation, as they also spend a lot of time in the mobile home or campervan.


Was war das Sightseeing-Highlight auf eurer Reise?

Ganz klar: das „Blue Eye“. Das ist eine total beeindruckende Quelle in Albanien.


Cooking or going out to eat: What do you value more on your vacation - and what was your favourite dish on the trip?:

We really enjoyed going out for dinner in the evening. Fresh calamari were our evening favourite. For breakfast we usually made delicious porridge with fresh berries or other fruit.

What moment or event during your journey will you not soon forget?

When we got lost somewhere in the country in Albania and stood in a farmer's field ... His whole family came running out of the house to help us turn the vehicle.


What are the absolute “must-haves” on your packing list for a camping holiday?

My little list would be:

  • Transparent boxes with lids to keep things tidy
  • Macrame hanging for plants or fruit
  • Our macrame curtain as a perfect privacy screen and beautiful decorative element
  • Nice melamine camping tableware
  • Protective sheets to protect against sand or (dog) hair in bed


What did you find particularly fascinating about this type of travel?:

The closeness to nature, the feeling of freedom and the spontaneity.

And what did you like best about your Carado CV600?:

The pop-up roof! Also, the look of the seats and the interior and - last, but not least - the automatic transmission. It's really ideal for such long distances.

Did you plan your tour in advance? Or was the route planning spontaneous?

We had roughly planned the tour, which is currently essential - with entry requirements, etc.


After your trip, do you have any advice or tips that you can pass on?:

Be brave! Our route was perhaps not the most conventional and relaxed, but we were able to make a lot of great new experiences and broadened our horizons. The only thing I would do differently in retrospect is to allow a little more time.


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