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Karoline Tigges is a YouTuber and influencer. On her channels, she lets her followers share in her life between dogs, van life and nature. In this report, Karo gives tips and tricks for traveling to Greece by ferry and takes us on a journey between freedom, culture, lonely places and the metropolis.



Number of travellers:
Karo and Kevin with their two dogs, Milka and Toffee

Vehicle type: 
Carado T459

Travel period:
14 days in October/November 2021

Kilometres travelled:
approx. 4,000 km

Starting point: 
Lungau (Austria)

Peleponnese & Athens (Greece)


Hello Karo! Traveling to Greece twice in one year: You really fell in love with the country, didn't you? This time you were with your partner Kevin, the last time with a friend. How are the two trips different?:

Greece was so wonderful the first time. It was clear that I would like to travel there again. The difference between traveling with my friend and my partner isn't that big: there were actually only differences in the search for a parking space and in the creation of content. My boyfriend and I are a well-established team here.

You made a large part of the journey towards Greece by ferry. What did you pay particular attention to when planning?

It was important to us to get the "Camping on Board" tariff for the ferry trip. This is really a hot tip, because here you can sleep in your own mobile home, which is a great added value. This is much more relaxed, especially for the dogs.


Two people, two dogs - how do you divide up the areas in the mobile home?:

The T459 is a real space saver and was perfect for our needs. In the front area the dogs had enough space to stretch out. And we had the rear sleeping area completely to ourselves.

What did you particularly like about the Carado T459?:

The T459 is our absolute favourite so far! Starting with the queen-size bed and the layout of the living area with a comfortable seating area to the practical corner kitchen - everything was just great.

What makes the perfect holiday for you?:

For me - and also for us together with our dogs - this is a mixture of beach and city. Actually, we didn't want to go to Athens at all, but it was a wonderful experience that we would repeat at any time. We like to lie by the sea and enjoy the silence and solitude, but after a few days of rest we look forward to a change. It's all in the mix!

Which place or spot do you remember particularly well?

Athens is a beautiful, diverse city with so much to explore. This city will stay in my memory forever.


Where were you camping there? Were you able to get into the city with the motorhome or did you park outside?

We were on a pitch in Athens that was super central but very noisy. Unfortunately, the volume was not ideal for the dogs. The other pitches by the sea were at Elea. However, you have to be lucky to find a place there.


What was your sightseeing highlight on this trip - and why?

The Acropolis of Athens. An absolute highlight, both from up close and from afar. The Corinth Canal is also very impressive.


What moment on your journey will you not soon forget?

When we made a stopover in a remote place, a van suddenly drove straight towards us. We had a bit of a queasy feeling – somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Greece. However, it turned out to be a Greek baker and so the weird feeling turned into a wonderful breakfast.


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Based on your recent experience, do you have any tips you'd like to pass on?:

Yes! If you take the ferry to Greece, you have the option of sleeping and staying in a mobile home. That's really great for a longer crossing, and it was much more relaxed, especially for the dogs. The "Camping on Board" tariff can be booked without any problems, both spontaneously and in advance. We can only warmly recommend this to everyone.


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