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Your holidays are just around the corner. Or perhaps it’s just a long weekend. Either way, it’s time for the three of you to hit the road in your Carado for a little last-minute holiday fun. Quickly pack your bags and get your loved ones on board, then you’re ready to get going. It’s just that easy. 


Beauty is all around Beauty is all around


So what’ll it be then? Sandy beaches and water activities in the north, or forests and mountains in the south? It’s totally up to you. Germany has plenty to offer, after all. 

Build sandcastles and have a splash in the sea. Discover the Wadden Sea and enjoy a lip-smackingly tasty ice cream in the shade. The German beaches on the North and Baltic coasts are sure to enchant the whole family. In the evening, you can round off the adventure-filled day by relaxing at one of the many family-friendly campsites in area. 

For a complete change of scenery, the Alps and its foothills in southern Germany offer top fun in high up places where there’s lots to explore. The area’s campsites are the perfect place to start any adventure. There are plenty of well-located chalets, serving up delicious sandwiches and offering panoramic views of the breath-taking scenery. You can explore grand gorges such as Breitachklamm near Oberstdorf or even pay a visit to the most famous fairytale castle in the world – Neuschwanstein.


Always in a good mood Always in a good mood


Drip drop drip – the gentle pitter patter of the rain on the roof. It’s warm and cosy in the Carado, and the glow from fairy lights or a few candles creates a pleasant atmosphere.

A great opportunity to get out a pack of cards or some board games and start rolling the dice. Or perhaps get together with your kid, grab the colouring pencils and just draw the day away. It’s a really relaxing activity and fun for the whole family. Then at night, all three of you can cosy up together in the large bed and take turns reading from your child’s favourite book. That’s just one simple way you can make the best of a rainy day. 


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