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Number of travellers:
2 adults (Carolin Kammermeier and Sebastian Kronschnabl)

Vehicle type: 
Carado T135 Edition15

Travel period:
3 weeks in May/June 2022

Kilometres travelled:
approx. 4,500 km (including ferry trips)

Starting point: 
Oy-Mittelberg in the Allgäu region of Germany

Ancona (Italy); Igoumenitsa, Pidima Kiras, Kalogria, Neda waterfalls, Oxbelly Bay Voidokilia, Limnes Elikas, Elafonisos,Sparta and Corinth Canal, Lefkada, Igoumenitsa (Greece); Bari (Italy)

Elafonisos (Greece)


Caro Kammermeier is a marketing manager and creative consultant. As @caoxo she takes her followers on her Instagram channel into her own world of aesthetics, love of nature and active living. Together with her boyfriend, they headed to Greece for three weeks. Here, the two experienced everything that is part of such a trip.

Hello, Caro. Behind you and your boyfriend Sebastian lies a vacation trip with a total distance of about 4,500 kilometers. You must have had quite an experience! Which three activities on your chosen route would you recommend to your friends?

Yes, we have seen and experienced such wonderful things, for which we are really very grateful and which we will remember for a long time! It is still a difficult question, because Greece has so much to offer and is also so different and versatile. As an activity highlight, we would definitely choose the hike to the castle above the ox belly bay. From there you have a super view of the bay and within half an hour you can walk down to the dream beach and cool off.

Snorkeling in the wonderful bays is definitely one of our top three as well. Our beach highlight was on the island of Elafonisos. The island is a little oasis of calm. You can unwind on white sand combined with crystal blue sea, really do nothing and live completely in the moment.

Is there a campground on your route that you would recommend?

Here we have two favorites:

1. "Camping Simos" on the island of Elafonisos:
The site is divided into small plots, but you come directly over the dunes to the beautiful Simos Beach.

2. "Camping Nissos" near Pidima Kiras:
Small, very new campground under olive trees. We had a pitch directly on the beach and could enjoy the wonderful sunset.

Cooking or eating out: Which do you appreciate more when you're on the road?

We both love nature and the minimalist life that camping brings. Therefore, there is nothing better for us than to cook together in the camper and enjoy the food homemade with much love in nature.

On this vacation, nothing beat spaghetti aglio e olio with some Greek olives for an appetizer. Sometimes the most uncomplicated food is simply the best! A delicious souflaki and gyros could not be missing but of course.

What moment during your trip will you not soon forget?

On our way to the southern end of the Peloponnese, we stopped at a taverna for dinner. Only by chance we discovered this gem, as it was very remote and small. However, the warmth of the owner was all the greater. He considered every guest part of the family, even sitting down at our table after hours. We chatted about God and the world (in English and with hands and feet), and when we were about to leave, he invited us to spend the night on his property and take a shower in his house.

This warm encounter will remain in our memories for a long time and will shape our behavior towards guests and fellow human beings.

What are for you absolute "must haves" on the packing list for a camping vacation?

Here is our list:

1. in summer definitely a mosquito candle or bug spray to really enjoy the balmy evenings / nights in front of the camper.

2. the Bialetti - there is nothing better for us than to make a fresh coffee in the camper and then enjoy it on the beach.

3. practical tip: a sink! Since we love to cook ourselves, of course the washing up is bigger. Pretty stuffy, but an important gadget.

4. snorkel and diving goggles.

5. one, two, three good books.

After your trip, do you have any tips to pass on to other campers?

We can only recommend a trip in a motorhome to everyone, because you learn to focus on the simple things again - be it the daily walk to the sink at the campsite or having enough water on board. In your own home, you're used to just turning on the faucet or quickly putting everything in the dishwasher. You learn to appreciate the comforts of home more, and at the same time you learn to live in a confined space and to be more tolerant of your (travel) partner.

For us, the conversations with other campers and their tips were also very exciting and helpful in finding the most beautiful places for us.

You've really covered a lot of miles in your motorhome, some of it on the ferry. How did you plan your route in advance?

Since it was the first trip to Greece for us and we wanted to explore the country completely unbiased, we just went for it. Because our motto was: The way is the goal! For us, everything was simply new and so we always decided one or two days in advance where we would like to go next.

Which route did it end up being?

It was a total of about 4,500 kilometers.

For a round trip through Greece you need a lot of time.

Most of the people we met were even on the road for more than a month.

Therefore, we decided to take the ferry from Italy to Greece to save the kilometers overland. To get as many and different impressions of Greece as possible in three weeks, we almost never stayed longer than two to three nights in one place.

Our route was then as follows:

1st stop: ferry from Ancona (Italy) to Igoumenitsa
2nd stop: Igoumenitsa to Pidima Kiras, more precisely Nissos Beach
3rd stop: Dunes of Kalogria
4th stop: Neda waterfalls
5th stop: Ox belly bay with overnight stay at "Erodios Camping
6th stop: Chtasia bay in Itylo
7th stop: Port of Limnes Elikas
8th stop: Elafonisos
9th stop: Sparta and Corinth Canal
10th stop: Lefkada
11th stop: Ferry from Igoumenitsa to Bari (Italy) and back to Allgäu

Is there a corner in your Carado camper that you particularly like?

Quite clearly: the kitchen! We were lucky to have only good weather, so we could spend most of the time outside in front of the Carado. Here we felt most comfortable in the cool shade of the large awning. However, the kitchen was essential to strengthen us again after the daily adventures.

Traveling is one of your passions. What makes traveling in the Carado so special for you?

Clearly the freedom, the flexibility and the nature. Especially on this trip, which we did without much planning in advance, the Carado gives you the absolute freedom to stay where you feel comfortable and decide spontaneously when and where to go.


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