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Valerie is a photographer and has her own podcast. Her pictures are primarily about capturing people and moments emotionally and thus capturing a fraction of a second for eternity. In the Carado, Valerie faced her own emotion: her fear of driving.



Number of travellers:
2 persons

Vehicle type: 
Carado CV600

Travel period:

Starting point: 
Leutkirch im Allgäu

Innsbruck, Antholzer See, Pragser Wildsee, Toblacher See, Drei Zinnen, Seceda

Lake Garda


Interview with Valerie

Hello Valerie, welcome back! We hope you had a fantastic time. You and Moritz have just had a wonderful trip and stopped at some amazing locations. Why did you choose this route?:

We wanted mountains before our eyes and sea air around our noses. Lake Braies is one of my favourite places and I couldn't wait to see it again after three years.

How was the first ride in your Carado?:

Totally exciting because I faced my fear of driving. I felt totally safe in the Carado and was very proud to steer it through the curvy Dolomites. It seemed impossible to choke it off - a huge plus!

You have explored great places. Which were your top 3?:

1. Lake Braies 2. Olympia campsite in Toblach: Wonderful river and mountain scenery 3. Hiking in Seceda

Freedom of wild camping or the comfort of campsites? What do you value more?:

We lived both alternately, camping sites to fill up with water and recharge batteries, wild camping for the carefree, unplanned feeling of freedom.

And where was your favourite place for an overnight stay?:

One night we were allowed to stand in a parking lot near Lake Braies and in the evening toasted with Aperol with the kiosk owner and listened to Tyrolean stories, when we parted, he surprised us with ice cream and sweetened the onward journey. Any place with open people is a beautiful one! I spent the longest standing on a very simple, small campsite (San Felice) on Lake Garda, because I found it so comfortable to wake up just to cross the street and have breakfast by the lake. Your own kitchen around the corner :) A highlight was a parking space with a spa on an organic farm - we treated ourselves to that for a day and totally enjoyed it.


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