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Departure day is approaching, and you’re getting more and more excited about your first trip. You’re also getting more and more nervous. But don’t worry! We’ve put together a few handy tips for you to make sure your journey is easy going, and your first holiday in a Carado goes off without a hitch.


The destination is set. The destination is set.


There are plenty of great destinations, and planning how to get there is vital. Motorway or country roads? Is it better to set off early morning or in the evening? All of this needs to be well thought out. A tip from Carado: Don’t rush it. Break your journey up into chunks, regularly stopping off for small breaks, so your trip is easy going. The best thing about travelling in a motorhome is, of course, that you have everything in tow. So you’ve got what you need for a little picnic when you stop off, making every break enjoyable. And once you’ve had a quick walk around, you’ll be nice and relaxed to continue your journey.

The time you set off is also important. We advise avoiding busy times to travel, especially during rush hours at the start of the usual holiday periods and if you’re travelling with kids. If you’re setting off very early in the morning, your tiny travellers can go back to sleep once they’re buckled up without much of a fuss. Then the first stop can only mean one thing: breakfast! And a breakfast surrounded by beautiful countryside no less. 

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Winding mountain roads, twisting and turning through diverse landscapes. Coastal roads that go on for miles with the sea always in view. You might think that sounds like driving heaven. And you’d be right. But these kinds of drives can prove challenging for people new to travelling in a motorhome. After all, these kinds of roads are often very narrow and almost always single track. That’s why it’s better for those starting out to choose less exciting motorway routes. And why not? There’s always the return journey to change things up, and it may be the first trip, but it certainly won’t be the last. Everyone knows that practice makes perfect. We recommend taking the motorhome for a few test trips before setting off for real. That way you’ll get used to how big the Carado feels completely at your own pace.


Are you sure you’ve got everything? Are you sure you’ve got everything?




•    Is the gas cooker switched off?

•    Gas cylinders filled?

•    Water pump switched off?

•    Fresh water tank filled up? Top tip: Only fill the tank halfway to save fuel.

•    Batteries charged?

•    Oil level checked? 

•    Is the tyre pressure right for the load? Top tip: You can easily measure your tyre pressure with E-Pressure from MyCarado.




•    Has everything been stored securely, including with lashing straps?

•    Windows and skylights closed?

•    Has everything been cleared away from the worktops?

•    Cupboard doors and drawers securely closed?

•    Fridge door closed?

•    Has kitchen equipment been put away?

•    Toilet and shower doors closed?

•    TV and satellite dishes brought in?

•    Has anything that slides out been put back in place?




•    Are all external doors closed and locked?

•    Any extendible equipment retracted?

•    Are the warning triangle and his-vis vest to hand?



Now all that’s missing are the little pick-me-ups that make your trip even more enjoyable. Tasty snacks, things to entertain the kids and, of course, some of your favourite music. Once you’re all set, you can relax and get going.

When you’re travelling by motorhome, the journey is just as important as the destination. Have a great trip!


*Please note that the information listed here are only suggestions. We would like to remind you that we do not accept any liability for the accuracy or completeness of all information on this website. 


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