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Fishing. Hiking. Biking. Swimming. Yoga. Travelling with a motorhome makes a multitude of holiday hobbies and recreational activities twice as fun because you can always easily change scenery. Plus, wherever you thought was previously inaccessible can now easily be discovered. All you have to do it fire up the engine and get going.


“Let’s go – “Let’s go –

Are exciting kayak adventures in Ardèche your thing? Or maybe you prefer discovering the charming landscapes of Tuscany by bike? Perhaps you’re a firm believer in the power of a morning yoga session on the beach, or maybe hiking through alpine landscapes is what recharges your batteries? No matter what you enjoy doing, you can always take your home with you! And not only that, it also comes with everything you need: ample space, useful equipment and constant power, allowing you to successfully make it through the most challenging routes without a care.


Smart equipment. Smart equipment.

Is there any better feeling than going for a run through the forest and beating your own personal best by a country mile? Don’t worry if you come back pumped up but puffed out, drenched in sweat and having to use the motorhome to prop you up. Just quickly jump under the Carado external shower, and in no time at all, you’ll be ready to show your face again. Meanwhile your dirty running gear can be taking a spin in one of the campsite’s washing machines as you freshen up. Motorhome owners who prefer biking to jogging will be delighted when they hear that they can easily and securely transport their bikes with the Carado space-saving bike rack. And if the kids are in tow – the more the merrier! Just a few simple adjustments, and you can extend the whole rack to fit up to four bikes.




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