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Number of travelers: 
2 adults (Bianca und Jens), 2 children

Vehicle type: 
Carado T447 EDITION24

Travel period:
2 weeks in June 2023

Kilometres traveled:
Approximately 2,600 kilometers

Starting point: 
Leutkirch im Allgäu (Germany)

Rom (Italy)

Bibbona, Castiglione D'Orcia, Pienza

Special note: 
Camping beginners


Bianca is an influencer with a generous dose of Swabian down-to-earthness and cheerfulness. On her Instagram channel @xbips, she takes her followers on a journey through the everyday chaos of marriage, household chores, parenting, and holiday adventures. With her charming and humorous style, this time the family embarked on a tour of Italy in the T447 EDITION24.

What motivated you to try a vacation in a motorhome?

We love to travel a lot. Ideally, we want to see multiple places on every vacation to discover as much as possible. It can be challenging to do this in hotels because it often feels like you're constantly packing and unpacking.

A motorhome tour was the perfect solution for us. After this vacation, it's clear to us that it won't be the last time we go on a holiday with a motorhome.

How was your first ride in your Carado?

Our first ride with the T447 was super relaxed. The motorhome was easy to drive and felt familiar right away.

You went on a road trip and spent a lot of time on the road. How did you keep your children entertained during the drive?

Fortunately, long drives with our children are not a big issue for us. However, a little entertainment is still necessary. Card games, coloring materials, and sticker books help pass the time. Snacks and a bit more screen time on tablets take care of the rest.

One of your stops on the trip was the city of Rome. How did you plan your city visit with children?

Rome is incredibly impressive but also hot and crowded. Since the waiting times in front of the attractions can be quite long, it was clear to us from the beginning that we would be exploring Rome more from the "outside." We opted for a Hop On Hop Off tour, which allowed us to get a great impression of Rome.

What are your top 3 leisure activities that you can recommend to other families?



Classic Beach Activities - Building sandcastles and swimming. Enjoying the sun and sea on the beach is a must-do.


Games, Games, Games - It was very relaxing to simply sit in front of our motorhome and play UNO or other games. Playing together as a family is a great way to bond and have fun during the trip.


Just Relax and Explore - Sometimes, it's essential to let go and allow yourself to do nothing but wander through the city and savor delicious food. Taking a leisurely stroll and enjoying local cuisine can be a wonderful way to experience the local culture.

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Speaking of food: Did you also cook during your time on the road? And did you have a favorite dish?

We often cooked ourselves, which worked great in the kitchen of the T447. Our favorite dish is a true Swabian recommendation – Maultaschen.

Which place stands out particularly positively in your memory, and why?

A special highlight of our trip was our stay at "Podere il Casale" in Tuscany. Here, we experienced the true "Bella Vita" with organic delicacies, breathtaking landscapes, and beautiful views. "Podere il Casale" is known for its organic products and its picturesque location in Tuscany, capturing the charm of the region perfectly.

Is there a campsite you would recommend to others?

We would definitely recommend 'Le Capanne' in Tuscany and 'Union Lido' in Cavallino. 'Le Capanne' stands out for its picturesque location in the Tuscan hills and offers plenty of activities for the whole family. 'Union Lido,' on the other hand, is located on the Adriatic coast and was particularly loved by our children. There's a kids' disco and lovely pools with slides, so the kids had a great time.

How were the nights in the T447? You traveled with four people, how did you divide the sleeping arrangements?

We used both the sleeping area in the rear of the T447 and the dropdown bed. My husband and I each slept with one child in separate sleeping areas. We connected the single beds by extending them to create a larger sleeping surface.

And finally, what tips would you give other people interested in camping before their first trip?



Pack systematically. This way, you can maintain order even in limited space. Use baskets and nets, for example, to categorize items.


Don't overplan. We didn't pre-book all our stops and were able to change our route spontaneously. That was great and definitely the right approach for us.


Bring decorations. Even though it may sound strange at first, decorations make the motorhome cozier and more homely. After all, life on wheels is also a little home. "Family" coziness is the key to success on the road.


A small handheld vacuum cleaner is a must to keep the dust and dirt from the little ones in check and maintain cleanliness.



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