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Number and Names of travellers:
2 adults (Kevin Schmitz, Frederic Siebold)

Vehicle type: 
Carado V337 Edition15

Travel period:
10 days in April/May 2022

Kilometres covered:
approx. 900 km

Starting point: 
Leutkirch im Allgäu 

Füssen and Oberjochpass (Germany), Obertauern (Austria) 

End point:
Nals (Italien)


As a content creator, Kev combines the different components of social media: photography, videography, film cutting and much more. Together with his buddy Frederic Siebold, he travelled from the Allgäu to South Tyrol - and captured not only many beautiful moments in three countries, but also three different seasons.

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Hello, Kev, welcome back from your trip. We look forward to hearing a few impressions. Why did you choose exactly this itinerary for your trip?

Our goal was to enjoy the spring and capture the corresponding impressions. Due to the limited time and the start in Leutkirch, southern Germany, Austria and Italy were obvious and made sense. In April and May, due to the different altitudes of our destinations, there was almost every possible season to discover there: Winter, spring and also summer. My hope and reason for choosing the itinerary was that there would be some beautiful scenes with views of green fields and mountains. And it has paid off. In addition, as a child I often holidayed in this region with my parents, but had never explored the area by motorhome. Having travelled by motorhome last year, I know that it is a completely different experience, so I wanted to get to know this area that way too.

Freedom of wild camping or comfort of campsites: What was your favourite place to stay?

On this trip, it was much more comfortable to go to campsites. Parking was generally more difficult this time than on our last trip to Portugal, as many car parks are no-parking zones for motorhomes. Driving to sights in the countryside was unfortunately not easy either, as many roads were closed to motorhomes. It was much easier to find a nice campsite and explore the places from there. The campsites themselves were all really nice and well maintained. We spent two nights at a campsite in the municipality of Nals between Merano and Bolzano. This campsite was brand new and very modern. We paid between 18 and 30 euros per night.

From a photographic point of view, what did you find exciting about the region you visited?

From a photographic point of view, there are three points that I found super exciting:


The panorama that the mountains offer you. Every pass crossing is breathtakingly beautiful and offers a new, usually impressive view.


The sunsets, which on a nice day give the individual clouds hanging on the mountains a red glow in the evening.


The many quaint old towns in the small villages hidden between the mountains - most of which also have a castle.

And what was your culinary highlight?

I don't think much needs to be said about cuisine - Italian cuisine is one of the best in the world anyway. And you simply have to try the South Tyrolean specialities, especially a local Kaiserschmarrn.

What are the top 3 spots explored for you?

Our top 3 also include three countries:


The Jaufenpass in South Tyrol: blue sky - white ground - a huge mountain peak somewhere and the dark, winding road in between. Still covered in snow at this time of year, the Jaufenpass was definitely a highlight of the tour.


The Austrian area around the Zugspitze: the absolute spring dream landscape! The valleys were much less narrow here than they were near Bolzano and Merano, so you could look forever across green fields with colourful flowers and the Alps in the background.


The campsite "Trattoria Unteregger": a brand new campsite that only opened at the end of April, with a view that can hardly be surpassed and many pitches. It is run by a family that has a farm and a restaurant right next door. When the view is good, both the pitch and the restaurant are unbeatable!

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What is your personal insider tip for this itinerary?

As a location, definitely the campsite "Trattoria Unteregger". It opened in spring 2022 and is about 25 minutes from Bolzano. The view here is incredible!

Would you recommend the combination of work and travel in a van to other creatives?

My answer here is definitely yes. I love the freedom that travelling in a motorhome gives me, to drive to a new spot every day or stay in one place for several days - however I want to. When I want to drive, I can drive. If I want to work, I find a nice spot (with electricity) and work. If I just want to relax, I relax. You can discover so much in such a short time, or you can just stay in one place for as long as you like and be completely free to organise your working or travelling day. For me personally, it's an ideal combination.


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