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2 adults (Nina und Dominik Radman), 1 children, 1 dog (Tobi)

Vehicle type: 
Carado CV600 with a pop-up roof

Travel period:
6 weeks in July and August 2023

Kilometres travelled:
approx. 9,000 kilometers

Starting point: 
Salzburg, Austria

Germany, Denmark, Sweden

Lofoten, Norway

Summer in Northern Europe


Nina Radman is a digital creator at home in the world. With approximately 200,000 followers, she takes them along in her daily life and on journeys to distant lands. This time, she embarked on a very special adventure with her family, who are usually on the road in their own camper van: a camping tour from Salzburg to the Lofoten Islands. Instead of a long-distance trip, the family opted for the intimate experience in the Carado CV600, to explore the natural beauty of Norway up close and savor the freedom of traveling in their own home on wheels.

Welcome back. How did you experience the first journey in the Carado, especially in comparison to the smaller bus you usually travel in?

Hello! The first journey was a real 'aha' moment. We were looking for something larger, and the Carado seemed tailor-made for us – with standing height and so much space! When we hit the road, it immediately felt like a second home. Even the first night at a rest stop was surprisingly restful thanks to the cozy darkness and the generous bed.

Which place on your journey would you describe as unforgettable?

Definitely the Lofoten Islands! They were the highlight of our journey. The magical interplay of sea and mountains, bathed in constant, gentle light – I was completely overwhelmed by this little wonderful archipelago.

Is there a campsite or parking spot that you would particularly recommend?

We usually keep our insider tips to ourselves, but I'd love to share the Moskenes campsite on the Lofoten Islands. Not only did we have a dreamy view, but we also got to observe a family of orcas – simply unforgettable. Originally, we had planned to stay just one night, but because we felt so comfortable, we spontaneously extended our stay.


What activities do you recommend for families during such a trip?

Hiking, definitely! Norway is a paradise for hikers, and the Lofoten Islands are a dream. Short ascents, continuous daylight in summer, meaning you can even go for a hike at night and enjoy the beautiful views. But places like Stavanger and Henningsvaer, where you can stroll through the streets and enjoy coffee, are also delightful.

When the weather doesn't cooperate, what do you do?

Then it's time for coffee, matcha, and homemade cake. Our Carado provided enough space for us to create a cozy home even on rainy days. The bed turned into a play area, and in the living area, we could still hang out, read, or eat...

How does traveling in the camper van differ for your family, especially compared to your smaller bus?

Traveling with the camper van provides so much more comfort for us, especially with a baby. The standing height, additional space, and the ability to eat or work indoors even during rainy weather are simply invaluable. It makes traveling more relaxed and flexible. Additionally, the significantly larger storage space is a game-changer. There's ample room for a stroller and all the baby essentials, greatly simplifying our daily routine. A significant advantage for us was not having to create sleeping arrangements in the evening through modifications. Depending on the type of journey, this can take up a lot of time on the road. In the CV600, we easily found space for the three of us in the rear bed.

We were also big fans of the large refrigerator with a freezer.

Do you have a culinary tip for on the road?

We are big fans of wraps. You can vary them from super healthy to a sweet dessert. Plus, wraps are excellent for using up leftovers – and they're always delicious.

You chose summer in Norway over a beach vacation. Why?

We wanted to escape the summer heat in the south and experience something new. The endless days in Norway truly gave us the feeling of summer, just without the overwhelming heat.

In conclusion, what tips would you give to other families for trip preparation?

Packing cubes are a must for organization. They help maintain order and keep things organized. And for the journey itself? Go with the flow and enjoy the freedom that the Carado provides.


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