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Number and names of passengers:
2 adults (Karo and Kevin) and 2 dogs (Milka and Toffee)

Vehicle type: 
Carado T459 EDITION15

Travel period:
4 weeks in April/May 2022

Kilometres traveled:
approx. 2.000

Starting point: 
Lungau (Austria)

Sardinia (Italy)


Karoline Tigges is a YouTuber and Influencer. As a passionate Dog-Mom, her everyday life, besides her job, mainly revolves around her dogs and traveling. Together with her partner and their two dogs Milka and Toffee, they went to Sardinia this time.

Hello, Karo! It's great that you have once again traveled with a Carado motorhome. What feature did you particularly like about the semi-integrated motorhome?

We especially liked the super-comfortable queen bed in the rear of the T459. It is incredibly cozy. But also the separate shower and the open living area were ideal for a longer trip of four weeks to have more space. 

Is there a campground or site on your itinerary that you would recommend to other campers?

Yes, in camper style, here are the coordinates for a small parking lot right by the sea near Sant'Antioco on Sardinia: 39.016227, 8.450095.



Which place will you remember particularly positively - and why?

A beautiful but also well-known place in Sardinia will remain in our minds: Sentiero delle Saline. The landscape is really unique thanks to the pink salt fields. Moreover, it is great to watch flamingos here.

Why did you choose Sardinia as your destination? 

We have chosen Sardinia, because it is already quite early pleasantly warm there. But you should keep in mind that the water is still very cold in April and May. 


And did you do a round trip or was it more of a one spot vacation?

It was a round trip. We have been to Sardinia twice before, but now we wanted to explore the south of the island and learn how to kite.

Spring in Sardinia - what were your best three moments or experiences?

My top 3 this time are as a follows:

1. Everything is blooming and looks beautifully colorful.

2. The water is still cool, clear and super refreshing.

3. The pink flamingos and salt fields.

You really have a lot of experience regarding traveling on four wheels with dogs. Do you have any tips for other dog owners who are planning a camping vacation?

There is really a lot to consider - starting from the right vaccines against Mediterranean diseases to the things you should not forget in any case. For this I have created a playlist on YouTube:  

Were there any special challenges on your trip - or regulations you had to observe as campers in Sardinia? 

One is legal matters. Wild camping is forbidden in Italy, as in most European countries. Parking somewhere while passing through is usually tolerated. It is not very clear what is allowed and what is not. So it's better not to set up camping furniture if you're not on a campsite. And then, of course, there is the campers' code, which applies everywhere: everyone should take their trash with them and behave considerately towards people and nature.

How did you plan the journey? Did you make any stops along the way?

This time we had planned more time to make another shopping stop. In past trips, we had always planned much tighter and drove overnight. This time we left in the morning and the ferry left in the evening.

What tips do you have for the ferry ride? 

For longer crossings of more than six hours, it is worth booking a cabin. However, there is also the option of "camping on board" - which means that you are allowed to stay in the motor home during the ferry trip. This way you can start your vacation in a relaxed way. With dog and / or children, this is certainly a good way to make the trip a little more quiet.


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