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Number and Names of travellers:
2 adults and 1 small child (Anni, Thommy and Rosie)

Vehicle type: 
Carado T448

Travel period:
29 days in Ocober/November 2021

Kilometres travelled:
5,726 km

Starting point: 
Leutkirch im Allgäu

Barcelona, Montserrat Monastery, Ebro Delta, Peñíscola, Albarracín, Toledo, Córdoba, Seville, Bardenas Reales

End point:
Sevilla (Spain)


Anni, Thommy and their daughter Rosie say about themselves that they are "full-time dreamers" and "part-time travellers". On Instagram and their blog, they take their followers with them on their journey between family, travel and partnership as @ourtravelness.

Our motto: Just let yourself drift

In fact, we have felt the same way about so many other countries. Spontaneity is our key: from a clichéd preconception or an idea of what some places might be like, insanely beautiful impressions emerge that we hope we will never forget. And that's what we love so much about travelling. When the dark spots on our very personal map become vivid colourful pictures - packed with the most beautiful experiences that we will be happy to tell our grandchildren about one day.


One thing is certain: our hearts have definitely been beating for Spain since this trip. Maybe it's because we got completely involved with the country. Or maybe because Spain is just great. Or maybe it was the sun that gently tickled us awake every day through the window above the bed of our Carado T448.

No matter what it was in the end: Spain gets full marks from us as a travel destination!

We have recorded our Top 5 places in Spain:

1. Nationalpark Delta de l’Ebre – Bali-Vibes in Spain

If you are looking for pure nature, you have come to the right place. With an area of around 320 square kilometers, the Ebro Delta is the largest wetland in Catalonia and the second largest in the entire Mediterranean region after the Nile Delta in Egypt. In addition to the cultivation of fruit, vegetables and rice, about 400 different bird species live in the shallow and nutrient-rich river arms. The many dunes and sandbanks harmoniously round off the natural paradise.

The narrow roads of the alluvial area give you the feeling of crossing a completely foreign country. Hiking, cycling and resting are, of course, only allowed on designated routes and places. During the day, we parked our T448 directly on the beach for two days in a row and could practically jump into the sea from the camper. Rosie especially liked the large sandbox including the "swimming pool" in front of our door. 

2. Peñíscola – More than just a popular seaside resort

The breathtaking town of Peñíscola was voted one of the most beautiful villages in Spain - and absolutely deservedly. Known as the "city in the sea", it enchants its visitors at first sight. The makers of the series "Game of Thrones" also noticed this. The mighty Templar castle with its famous white houses is enthroned high up on a rocky outcrop. The crystal-clear water picturesquely surrounds the walled city. It resembles Greek islands like Santorini and Mykonos.

The roots of Peñíscola go back to 1000 BC. The historic center is unique: half-paved streets leading up to the impressive castle on the highest part of the hill, numerous handicraft and fashion shops, souvenir shops as well as small bars and restaurants with terraces and the incredible view of the Mediterranean Sea. Peñíscola - a real highlight.

3. Albarracín – a real insider tip

A place that is most likely rarely included as a program item on a travel agenda, but which in our opinion should definitely be added. A medieval village that couldn't be more magical. By chance, we discovered a photo on Instagram and simply had to see this gem with our own eyes. And it really is true: it seems as if time has simply stood still in this village located in the region of Teruel.

Beautiful winding, narrow streets, a huge city wall that stretches over an entire ridge. Houses made of half-timbering, clay and stone, which give the town its unmistakable flair with their reddish exterior plaster. It is not without reason that Albarracín has been part of Spain's historical heritage since 1961. We have rarely seen such a photogenic place as this. This probably explains the thousands of photos on our memory card ... 

4. Toledo – the more impressive capital of Spain

Once it was clear that we were going through the center of Spain, there was no stopping Tommy. The former capital had been on his personal bucket list for a long time. There is hardly any other big city in Spain that captivated us so much right away. Just in time for sunset, we parked our motorhome in one of the many bays at the "Mirador del Valle" and watched from there as minute by minute the sun disappeared behind the houses and transformed the sky into a delightful play of colours.

If, like us, you only want to visit Toledo as a stopover, we can warmly recommend this viewpoint. Not only is the evening atmosphere magnificent, but the panorama of Toledo and the mighty Tagus River, which runs halfway around the city in a serpentine shape, is also breathtaking. Toledo is more closely linked to Spanish history than almost any other place in the country. Cathedrals, portals and entire streets from the Middle Ages make up the historic city center. No wonder, then, that Toledo's impressive old town was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986.

5. Nationalpark Bardenas Reales – Spain's moonscape

On our way home, we discovered this beautiful spot purely by chance. Until late in the evening, Tommy drove somewhat disoriented through the darkness. Only the next morning did we realise that the semi-desert Bardenas Reales stretches not thirty kilometers from us. We could not miss this sight.

What Mother Nature has created here in the south-east of the Spanish region of Navarra can hardly be put into words. Through water, wind and air, truly bizarre towers and shapes have formed from clay, stone, lime and many other sediments over the course of time. The most famous formation is the monolith "Castil de Tierra". This wild natural landscape is a UNESCO biosphere reserve and is perfect for hiking, cycling and marvelling. 


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