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There’s no doubt about it – man’s best friend is a holiday essential, and travelling by motorhome makes bringing them along even more convenient. Your home comes with you after all, including your dog’s. We’ve put together a few handy tips to make your trip paw-some!


Where to? Where to?


Süßer Hund liegt auf einem Hundebett im Wohnmobil

It can be pretty tricky deciding where to go on holiday as there’s no shortage of dog-friendly campsites to choose from. Plus many of them offer everything that’s sure to make your dog wag its tail, such as kennels, play parks and dog showers. You can use the search criteria on most booking platforms to find campsites that are specifically dog friendly, making it easy to pick the right place to go. 

However, the prerequisites permitting pets to enter different countries can sometimes prove complicated. The travel requirement they all have is for dogs to be in good health. That’s why you should pay a visit to the vets in good time before your departure date. You can find out if your dog needs vaccine boosters, and if it is healthy enough to travel by the standards of your destination country. Almost all countries now require your dog to be microchipped and for you to travel with an EU pet passport. 

You can find a summary of the different travel requirements for dogs here.


Buckle up! And we’re off. Buckle up! And we’re off.


Hund schaut aus dem Fenster im Wohnmobil

That means your four-legged friend too. There we go! Securing your dog for travel reduces the risk of it being injured, for example if you have to brake suddenly. Most countries also have a requirement to keep dogs safe while travelling, whether that’s by using a special safety harness or placing them in a transit box. You can furnish them with cushions and your dog’s favourite blanket to turn them into a cosy retreat for the holiday.

One more tip: Give your furry friend some time before the departure date to get used to the new surroundings. Especially if this is the four-legged globetrotter’s first adventure in the motorhome. The Carado dog bed can also come in handy as it has been specially designed for motorhome trips. After all that, you’re ready to hit the road. And if the breaks on your journey turn out to be slightly longer than planned, no problem. After all, any sort of walk around the rest area can be refreshing for dog owners too. And of course, we have something for feeding time: the Carado dog bowl. Good dog!


Everything’s packed. Everything’s packed.


Zwei Hunder mit dem Wohnmobil

•    Vaccination record/border documents

•    Insurance number/liability insurance address 

•    Travel crate 

•    Muzzle and lead 

•    Poop bags and scoop 

•    Dog food 

•    Toys 

•    Towel

•    Sun protection

•    Basket/blanket

•    Tag with name and address

•    Sedatives

•    Wound spray/disinfectant

•    Anti-diarrhoea medication

•    Antibiotics

•    Ear/eye drops

•    Flea/tick collar

•    Dressing materials


Here you can easily download our checklist, print it out and tick it off.

*Please note that the information listed here are only suggestions. We would like to remind you that we do not accept any liability for the accuracy or completeness of all information on this website. 


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