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Ourtravelness takes its followers and blog readers on the journey of a lifetime, to faraway countries, on road trips. First as a couple, and now as a trio. This time it's Anni, Thommy & Rosie with Carado from the Allgäu to Croatia and back.



Number of travellers:
2 adults (Anni and Thommy) + 1 child (Rosie)

Vehicle type: 
Carado T459

Travel period:
11 days

Stopovers in Croatia: Plitvice Lakes, Zadar, Labin, Pula, Rovinj, Vrsar, Novigrad, Groznajn, Motovun (stopovers in Slovenia: Ljubljana, Lake Bled)

Kilometres travelled:
2,496 km

Starting point: 
Leutkirch im Allgäu



Corona time-out in Croatia - our road trip with the T459:

The days are numbered. It's time for another road trip in Europe: picnics in grassy fields. Hikes until your calves burn. Camping right by the sea. We are really looking forward to this summer and after all the Corona exertions we really need a little break. We don't know yet where our 10-day trip will take us - the main thing is to head for the sun.

Rarely has a plan worked better:

With the motorhome T459 we make our way through the Alps of Austria and Slovenia and finally come out in our very spontaneous destination Croatia. After a total of 8.5 hours of driving and an overnight stay at a motorway rest area, we are really glad to arrive in one piece. The sat nav leads us for the last few hours across Wallachia and further and further into nowhere, until we eventually meet civilisation again. And who would have thought it: this first stop on our Croatia round trip should not only start with a very well-known sight, but also directly with one of our highlights.

Plitvice Lakes - a fairytale to touch:

We are talking, of course, about the Plitvice Lakes, which have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site for quite some time and have been on our personal bucket list for almost as long. With its many turquoise lakes, biodiversity and countless waterfalls and cascades, the national park attracts millions of visits every year. All the more fortunate for us that we have the park almost completely to ourselves. It's always a tricky thing with popular sights. You often see them in photos, hope for exactly this sight and are mercilessly disappointed in reality. But here it is different. Maybe it's the low number of visitors or maybe it's the idyllic nature - the Plitvice Lakes exceeded our expectations by far. For a whole 9 hours we stroll along wooden walkways over the water, marvelling and admiring the cascading lake landscapes from various angles. A spot on earth that could not be more magical.

On the trail of Winnetou:

If you're thinking "Hey, I know these lakes from somewhere...", you're probably not far wrong. What many people don't know is that the famous Karl May films starring Winnetou were not shot somewhere in America, but in Croatia. The Plitvice Lakes, for example, are the film set for the world-famous film "Treasure on Silver Lake". Unknowingly, our second stop is another location of this film series. Well, who can remember? At this very spot where we are standing, Winnetou and Old Shatterhand became blood brothers. Admittedly, the drive along the dirt road to the Parizevacka Glavica viewpoint is a bit bumpy. We therefore walk the rest of the way to be on the safe side. A warm summer wind whistles around our ears. The golden hour of the day begins and bathes the Zrmanja Canyon in a glorious orange. We make ourselves comfortable between the rocks, drink the beer we've brought with us and enjoy the 360° panorama that is like a film.

Along the coast to Istria:

The second part of our road trip through Croatia belongs to the coast and the old towns and villages of the Istrian peninsula. Ancient columns and buildings from days long gone tell us their stories. Centuries-old olive trees. Impressive towns shaped by Romans and Venetians. Coastal roads that invite us to dream. A new view of the sea awaits us around every bend. We stop at one bay or another. Let ourselves be enchanted by the Croatian culture. Winding alleys with many cute little shops, red roofs and cobblestone streets that invite you to stroll. We leave the coastal road and drive up the hill - village by village further and further towards home. And in no time at all, our 10 days of adventure are over. We put our household back into our car from the many compartments of the camper and drive home relaxed. There are several paradises in the world that you might never get to see in your lifetime. But who actually said that you should always look for them on the other side of the world?


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