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Carado Wohnmobil CV540
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Camper Van
Chassis manufacturer Fiat
Berths 2 - 5 Persons
Bed type Double bed
Vehicle length 5,41 m
Good holidays come in small packages. The smallest Carado camper van offers heaps of holiday fun in a tiny space.
from €55,199a)
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Camper Van
CV590 4x4 EDITION24
Chassis manufacturer Ford
Berths 2 - 3 Persons
Bed type Double bed
Vehicle length 5,98 m
Carado Camper Van CV590 with all-wheel drive: Flexible motorhomes for adventures on and off the road
from €68,999a)
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Carado Wohnmobil CV600
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Camper Van
Chassis manufacturer Fiat
Berths 2 - 5 Persons
Bed type Double bed
Vehicle length 5,99 m
Let’s go! Everything stowed away. Wardrobes, roof and floor cupboards offer plenty of space for everything you need on holiday.
from €56,299a)
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Carado Wohnmobil CV601
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Camper van
Chassis manufacturer Fiat
Berths 4 - 5 Persons
Bed type Double bed
Vehicle length 5,99 m
Simply the ideal companion for adventurous people thanks to the removable bunk bed and thus also particularly suitable for everyday use. The open visual axis creates a great feeling of space and storage space has also been thought of - ideally equipped for the next trip.
from €57,399a)
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Carado Wohnmobil CV640
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Camper Van
Chassis manufacturer Fiat
Berths 2 - 5 Persons
Bed type Single beds
Vehicle length 6,36 m
A dreamy bedroom with a panoramic view. With the lengthways bed in the rear, all you have to do is open the doors.
from €58,499a)
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a) All prices are recommended retail prices in EUR, based on the German retail prices. Prices in other countries may differ due to currency, country specific VAT, country specification, transportation charges or import duties. Your local dealer informes you about the applicable prices, taxes and duties for your country.

*The technically permissible total mass is a value specified by the manufacturer, which the vehicle must not exceed, even when loaded. It therefore has an influence on the permissible number of seats, options for selecting special equipment and remaining payload options.
Detailed information on weights and vehicle configuration can be found in our technical data, legal information section and in the configurator.

What makes the CV-series so special? What makes the
CV-series so special?

Body and storage space

From everyday to holiday: Insulated Carado camper vans can be used as regular everyday vehicles and pack big holiday fun into the most compact of spaces. They feature swivelling front seats and well-placed windows that come with a seven-year water ingress warranty.

Living room

Functional yet cosy: The living space features ergonomically designed upholstery and pedestals with integrated storage compartments and interior lighting. Swivelling the front seats around instantly creates a cosy seating area.

Sleeping area

Holiday dreaming: High-quality mattresses ensure you experience luxury comfort to rest easy and sleep peacefully while on the road.


Cooking with ease: Our camper vans’ ergonomic kitchens are specifically designed to be easy to use, featuring two-burner hobs, storage spaces and compressor fridges.


Mini spa: The camper van’s bathroom caters to all your needs with fixed washbasin, cassette toilet and recessed LED spot lights, while the skylights create a pleasant atmosphere.

Illustrations on the website are purely exemplary and may also depict optional equipment, accessories and vehicle decoration that are not part of the standard scope of delivery of the vehicles. 


The all-wheel drive is, so to speak, the heart of the CV590 4x4 EDITION24. This analyses the grip and distributes the torque effectively to the individual wheels. This not only makes you more mobile and untethered, you are above all safer on the road - even in adverse road conditions such as wet, snow or gravel.



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