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Powerful engines
Low noise and efficient fuel consumption.
Safety systems
The numerous safety systems make the Fiat Ducato the perfect travel companion.
Manual and automatic transmission
The choice is yours: entirely according to your driving style.
Design and comfort
It doesn't just look good: The sophisticated design makes the Ducato maneuverable and flexible.
Digital and functional
Assistance systems or music: Technologically at the cutting edge.

The Fiat Ducato has been around for over 40 years. It has been undergoing further development for just as long, constantly and all in close cooperation with motorhome manufacturers. In addition, the efficient engine, many innovative safety features and a comfortable cab make the Fiat Ducato the optimal basis for Carado motorhomes and camper vans. And also, the perfect companion for your trip.


& Technology

Electronic Stability Control (ESC):

Safety in series production.

The two new safety systems in Electronic Stability Control make driving even safer for you. The crosswind assistant can be activated from a driving speed of 65 km/h and brakes automatically in the event of strong crosswinds. The trailer stability control system detects when a trailer is swaying and corrects dangerous trailer sway through a combination of torque reduction. This stabilizes the vehicle and prevents lane transgressions. The post-collision brake brakes the vehicle after an accident to avoid further collisions and at the same time reduce their consequences.

In addition to these two new features, the Fiat Ducato Series 9 also incorporates these safety functions:

  • Rollover Prevention

  • Hill Holder

  • LAC Load Adaptive Control    

  • ASR drive slip control    

  • MSR Engine drag torque control

  • HBA Hydraulic Brake Assistance

Lane Keeping Assist:

Always stay in lane.

A camera on the windshield registers inadvertent lane deviations and corrects the steering when Lane Keeping Assist is switched on. A vibration of the steering wheel together with an acoustic and visual signal on the dashboard warn drivers to stay in their lane. The lane departure warning system is available as an optional extra.

Emergency Brake Assist:

Practical helper.

As soon as the autonomous emergency braking assistant detects pedestrians, cyclists or vehicles, the driver is warned and autonomous emergency braking is triggered.



Blind Spot Assist:

Your camper van has everything in view.

Even when you don't have it. Blind Spot Assist (BSA) warns you in good time of risks with a warning light in the mirror and a sound signal. Blind Spot Assist is available as an optional extra on Camper Vans.

LED headlight:

Best visibility.

The LED headlights provide a better lighting effect on the road. In addition, the LED headlights are also less susceptible to impact damage.
The LED headlights are available as an optional extra on the alcove and semi-integrated models.

Rain and light sensor:

Safely through the night and rain.

Rain or the onset of darkness are registered.   Windshield wipers are then switched on automatically and the headlights are regulated accordingly by the low beam. The rain and light sensor is an optional extra that is part of the Chassis Safety package.

Chassis and cab:

Maneuverable and compact.

The compact design of the driver's cab keeps the Fiat Ducato Series 8 maneuverable and also creates more space for the living area.

Engine Multijet 3:

Economical, reliable and durable.

The Multijet 3 engine series offers the optimum engine for every vehicle and every driving style. However, all engines in the series have a few things in common: efficiency, comfort and life expectancy.


Tablet holder and USB socket:

Mobile ready.

The two USB sockets and the practical tablet holder keep your mobile devices always ready for use and well stored.

Multifunction steering wheel:

Relaxed on the road.

With the multifunction steering wheel, driving your motorhome or camper van is a relaxed affair. Because it provides convenient operation of all functions while driving for more safety.


Welcome to the cab.

The new, revised design and the many technical innovations make the dashboard user-friendly and functional. This means you have all the important functions placed within easy reach and intuitive to operate.

Instrument cluster:

All info at a glance.

The standard 3.5-inch information cluster shows all the necessary information at a glance with the new digital area with black and white accents.

The optional information cluster with 7-inch digital display has a modern style. It shows complete vehicle setup and information functions and can be individually adapted to the needs of the driver.



Steering wheel & gear knob in leather finish:

Style meets special feel.

The Style package includes the steering wheel and shift knob in high-quality leather.

9-speed automatic transmission:

Completely relaxed on the road.

The innovative 9-speed automatic transmission enables optimum use of torque and ensures a particularly relaxed driving experience. Speed, load, incline: In automatic mode, the gears are automatically adapted to the driving conditions.

Manual cruise control:

Driving comfort as standard.

Cruise control is almost essential and simply practical, especially on longer journeys. It allows a constant speed and the drivers's right foot is free to move. Therefore, the manual version of cruise control is standard in Carado motorhomes and campervans.

Traction + Incl. Hill Descent Control:

On descents, you automatically maintain control without constantly pressing the brake pedal. Especially on unpaved terrain and reduced grip, descents are handled safely. And more comfortable. 


In addition to the typical white for motorhomes, there are other colors to choose from.


Steel wheels are installed in the Ducato as standard. Optionally, you can opt for alloy wheels. The alloy wheels are not only lighter, they also look better.

Traction + Incl. Hill Descent Control:

On descents, you automatically maintain control without having to constantly press the brake pedal. Especially on unpaved terrain and reduced grip, descents are mastered more safely.

Widened track width:

The wider track width has two advantages at once: it provides more stability on the road and at the same time allows more space for the motorhome body.


The alloy wheels are not only lighter, they also look better.


Illustrations and equipment shown are merely exemplary and may depict optional equipment, accessories and vehicle decoration that are not part of the standard specification. These may be  available at extra cost. The equipment shown differs depending on the model selected.



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