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Fancy grabbing the hiking boots and taking a short weekend break travelling through the Alps? Or is a long summer adventure in the south more your thing? Semi-integrated motorhomes from Carado are ready for anything. Aerodynamic and compact, they easily wind their way through narrow streets or around mountain roads. Our semi-integrated motorhomes offer unlimited space and an almost infinite variety of layouts and possible combinations of features. And the best thing about them? We already offer semi-integrated models for those with a budget under €55,000.


Spa on wheels Spa on wheels


Holidays can sometimes be exhausting, but in a good way. You may have tired yourself out with holiday activities such as biking, hiking or playing a game of badminton. Revel in the fun, and at the end of the day, you can look forward to freshening up in your own little spa back in the motorhome.

The bathrooms in the semi-integrated motorhomes are sophisticated and are packed with lots of handy features. Recessed LED spot lights, for example, create a relaxing atmosphere. What’s more, the separate shower doesn’t require you to set up anything, so just hop in for a quick freshen up, and you’re ready for the next adventure or an evening spent relaxing. 


Bon appetit! Bon appetit!


Breakfast, three-course meal complete with starters and dessert, or perhaps just a sandwich in the evening. Make any meal you want.

A fridge with freezer compartment, three-burner hob and plenty of smart storage solutions make the ergonomically designed kitchen in the semi-integrated models perfect for dining on the road. There are also plenty of optional ways to customise the equipment, meaning the cooking pretty much takes care of itself.


Hello. Goodnight. Hello. Goodnight.


The choice is all yours. Our semi-integrated motorhomes give you the most floor plan options to choose from, so everyone can find their dream vehicle for the perfect holiday – for the days as well as the nights. 

Practical single beds, cosy double bed or a queen-sized bed fit for royalty – what’s your choice? It’s up to you and which you think is best to give you the perfect sleep. And once you’ve finished a delicious breakfast in the comfortable eating area, you’ll be ready to kick start another day on the road refreshed and well rested. The beautifully designed interior made with high-quality materials is a delightful living space.


Neatly packed away Neatly packed away


It’s the same story every time. There’s always lots to do before setting off. Planning the route, packing everything and buying supplies. Plus you have to get your mobile home ready for the holiday. 

There are so many things to remember, it’s great when there’s one thing you don’t have to worry about: storage. There’s space in our motorhomes for all sorts of things. The spacious garage can easily accommodate bikes, as well as luggage and other bulky items. And you can instantly squirrel away small things in the handy compartments and shelves inside.  


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