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Georg Lindacher is a freelance photographer and creator. With his equipment in his luggage, he travels the world. Impressive photographs are taken on these trips. After his trip to Brittany, Georg is heading towards Ahornboden in Austria and is capturing the most beautiful moments.


Names of travellers:
Georg and Sarah

Vehicle type: 
Carado CV540

Travel period:
3 days in October 2021

Kilometres travelled:
500 km

Starting point: 

Ahornboden (Austria)


Hello George, welcome back! After going to Brittany last time, this time you drove to the German-Austrian border. You are a content creator. How do you manage to find a good balance between hobbies, your job and free time on such a trip?

In fact, in my situation, these different areas merge, which for me is natural and also wonderful. My hobby is my job and vice versa. That’s why I don’t need any compensation on the way. All my adventures consist of exactly this combination of passion and profession.

Off to Brittany vs. 500 kilometers to Austria. How did these two trips differ?:

In France we were on the road for much longer and there were also three of us traveling. We were by the sea and could enjoy the sun. But it was also a trip packed with action and experiences. This time the focus was completely different. We were on a short hiking trip in the Alps. It was much more relaxed, and we got to our destination much faster.

Traveling in the summer or traveling in the fall - which did you enjoy more?:

I like both very much. Here in Central Europe, we have all four seasons in their form. The lighting conditions and mood are different in every season. The summer by the sea gave me a lot of energy. However, I also really like the autumn colours for taking photos. However, if I had to choose a season to travel and photograph, I would choose summer.

As a photographer, you need a lot of valuable technology. Where and how did you store your belongings in the motorhome?

On the one hand, storage space is an issue, but above all, secure storage space is something that is important for all technical equipment. In unsafe areas, I pack things like my MacBook in the safe built into the RV. Otherwise, my solutions are more creative: The cameras are sometimes behind the pots under the kitchen counter.  In the Carado camper van there was sufficient storage space for personal items as well as all my equipment.


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