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Take things slow. Have a digital detox. Just leave those work emails in your inbox. Go on, your road trip will feel so great if you do. Unfortunately, we know that it’s not always that easy. There are a few digital aids that you won’t want to do without after all. That’s why our Carado motorhomes also provide a few handy gadgets.


Your trip.
Your set up.
Your trip.
Your set up.

Your Carado motorhome offers a wide range of optional extras besides the usual plug sockets located in handy places, including USB ports that you can easily use to charge your laptop and smartphone whenever you like. There’s also the navigation system and reversing camera to make sure you’re always safe and always on the right track. Such devices making parking and manoeuvring a breeze, even in the narrow streets that wind their way around old towns in southern Europe.

Perfect for any occasion, not just rainy days: Presenting the TV with integrated DVD player and extendible satellite dish. It means you won’t miss your club’s football game, and the kids can be treated to a film in the evenings after a long fun-packed day. And if you want to indulge just a little bit more, there’s always pizza, fizzy drinks and tasty salad – the generous 167 l fridge with freezer compartment has enough room for all sorts of treats.


Top-quality on-board equipment Top-quality on-board equipment

Whether it’s integrated, semi-integrated, alcove, camper or van, all of our models come with smart on-board equipment packed with powerful features. This includes:

•    Energy-saving LED lighting
•    Powerful and low-maintenance AGM leisure battery (95 Ah)
•    On-board control panel featuring details of all fluid levels and battery charges
•    Electric charger for leisure and vehicle battery 12 V / 18 V
•    CEE 230 V external socket with safety device


And there’s always room for more, of course. If you want to charge your e-bike, we’ve installed a plug especially for that purpose in the rear of our integrated, semi-integrated and alcove models. And if any of your fellow travellers are particularly sensitive to the cold, they’ll be delighted to know they can warm themselves up with the Combi 6 gas heating with integrated 10 l boiler, or with a bowl of hot soup fresh from the premium on-board kitchen.


You can find the whole accessories range to make your holiday a dream here:


*Please note that the information listed here are only suggestions. We would like to remind you that we do not accept any liability for the accuracy or completeness of all information on this website. 

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