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Number of travellers:
2 adults (Julia and André Mosig), 2 children and 1 dog (Chloé)

Vehicle type: 
Carado T447 Clever+ Edition

Travel period:
8 weeks in August/September 2021

Kilometres travelled:
approx. 3,000 km

Starting and ending point:
Hannover (round trip)

Hamburg, Lübeck, Travemünde, Pelzerhaken, Lensterstrand (Germany); Næstved, Solrød Strand, Copenhagen (Denmark); Skanör med Falsterbo, Östra Lagnö, Skärhamn, Stenungsund, Smögen, Åsa, Malmö (Sweden)



Julia Mosig is an influencer. Together with her husband André, she entertains her followers with a large portion of humor on her Instagram channel @juliamosig. Somewhere between traveling, family madness and a wonderful mix of photos, reels and stories, she always remains authentic, approachable and delightfully normal. For Carado, the Mosig family headed north in August and September 2021 - to enjoy the summer with baby, toddler and dog in a different way.

Hello, Julia. Nice, but of course also a pity that you are back. Thank you for the wonderful impressions on your Instagram channel! At the latest after the eight weeks in the Carado Camper you have gone from camping novices to camping professionals. What should not be missing for you as a family on the packing list for such a vacation?

After such a long time, you really realize what matters. For us, the following things were important:

  • Toys (entertainment) for the kids for indoor and outdoor. Because: Happy kids, happy family ...

  • Our seating / reclining bags: so wonderfully comfortable and with instant relaxation effect!

  • Bikes: sometimes it was better to park outside with the big camper and then go to town by bike, for example.

  • Cordless vacuum cleaner: no excuses in terms of tidiness on vacation - especially with children!

What moment during your trip will you not soon forget?

We drove over the Öresund Bridge for the first time with the motorhome and on the way back we took the ferry under the bridge. Both were very impressive.

What feature did you like best about your Carado?

For us, it is particularly important that we can be one hundred percent self-sufficient on the road. Here, the Smart Battery System with solar panel and inverter was a game changer. In Scandinavia, wild camping is largely permitted (but please always check what the regulations are in the respective region), and that was great for us. When we or the kids were tired or didn't want to sit anymore, we could just stop and get supplies, we had electricity and hot water. 

With eight weeks on the road, you probably didn't always have great weather. What do you recommend for rainy afternoons in the Carado?


There are many possibilities. An afternoon of games with the kids, a lot of cuddling including a pillow fight or watching a movie.

Which place on your tour will remain in your memory in a particularly positive way?

We especially liked Copenhagen as a beautiful, open and maritime city. The vibe of this lively city totally captivated us. Also, the impressive archipelago north of Gothenburg - especially the fishing village of Skärhamn, where we stayed for several days and just let ourselves drift.

Is there a campground or site on your itinerary that you would recommend to other campers?

We have two favorites:

1. Camping Stenungsögarden – beautifully situated on a hill in a forest, most delicious warm cinnamon buns for breakfast, very family friendly.

2. Asa Camping & Havsbad – perfect for families, right on a beautiful sandy beach for swimming, great playground.

You traveled as a family with a baby and toddler. Do you have any tips for particularly relaxed travel with children?

"Slow Travel - the way is the goal" is our motto. We have generally not given ourselves a fixed route and fixed times, but have always traveled spontaneously or stayed longer in beautiful places. Children generally don't enjoy driving hundreds of kilometers at a time. That's why we always drove short stages. Where we all felt comfortable, we stopped until it no longer felt so exciting and the desire to travel was reawakened.

How exactly did you plan your route in advance?

We had only a rough direction in which it should go, and are completely flexible, spontaneous and free travel. We have so to speak most of the time simply from place to place or pitch to pitch "drift"!

As an Influencer, how do you divide your time on the road between vacation, family and work?

In order to meet the daily demands and cope with as many tasks as possible, I also got up at five o'clock almost every day on the trip. So I could often work two to three hours in advance and then spend the days or afternoons with the family. Not quite without - but still a great way to really enjoy the time on the road.

What are your hot tips for eating healthy, good food in your RV?

We eat a largely vegan diet and therefore always have a large supply of fruits, vegetables and other plant-based foods with us. So we can conjure up our favorite dishes at any time. The kitchen and also the refrigerator size in the T447 leave nothing to be desired.

Speaking of household chores, did you have routines for laundry, cleaning and the like while camping?

Household chores in the camper are fortunately not quite as time-consuming as at home, since the area of about 20 square meters can be tidied up and cleaned very quickly. For example, we had a cordless vacuum cleaner with us, which we could also charge at any time in the motorhome thanks to the inverter. For laundry, we spent a few days at a campsite as needed, since they have washing machines. We find laundromats rather impractical, because you spend a lot of time waiting and the parking facilities in large cities are rather limited and sometimes even the trip to the city centers rather difficult. Most campgrounds are now super equipped.


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