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Carado X Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Team

Three weeks of heat and cold, rocks and sand: the Dakar Rally puts professional riders to the test both mentally and physically. So it goes without saying that a safe retreat is needed at the end of each stage. Carado helped the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Team at the Dakar 2024 to master the challenges of the desert with the I447, I338 and T459.

Holiday for Couples

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, a birthday, anniversary, or even just because. There are plenty of opportunities. Give your loved one an extra-romantic surprise – sweep them off their feet and take off on a short break. After all, they don’t say shared memories make the best gifts for nothing. 

Holiday for Singles

Travelling solo can be a little challenging every time you do it, and we at Carado know what it’s like. You have to take care of everything yourself after all, from planning the route and packing the bags to setting up when you get to your destination. But that’s exactly what makes it great – freedom. You’re free to do whatever takes your fancy at that moment in time. And it’s even better if you have an ever-reliable motorhome. 

Travelling with Dog

Imagine for a second, you’re a loved member of the family, yet whenever the rest go on a special trip they leave you behind. That’s not on, is it? We agree! That’s why Carado motorhomes offer space for everyone, including your four-legged friends. We particularly love the new Carado dog bed that comes in two sizes and can be easily secured. Your furry friend will feel so at home in the Carado that you might have to get the treats out just to coax them outside. Trust us, you will!

Family Holiday

Welcome to Croatia, the perfect destination for motorhome enthusiasts. Beaches that stretch for miles, unspoilt nature and a plethora of small islands entice you to come explore them. All the while the weather is heavenly, and everywhere is affordable for families. 

Time Together

Your holidays are just around the corner. Or perhaps it’s just a long weekend. Either way, it’s time for the three of you to hit the road in your Carado for a little last-minute holiday fun. Quickly pack your bags and get your loved ones on board, then you’re ready to get going. It’s just that easy. 

The Van

Fancy getting away for a short weekend break, or is setting out on a grand adventure more your thing? Are you the kind of person who likes to put the bikes on the back and go out discovering new trails, or would you rather head down south to the beaches? Whatever you choose, the Carado Van is ready for it all. With its smart and slim build, it can manoeuvre its way around any narrow street or along coastal tracks with extreme ease. Carado vans are by no means limited by space.

SPA on Wheels

Fancy grabbing the hiking boots and taking a short weekend break travelling through the Alps? Or is a long summer adventure in the south more your thing? Semi-integrated motorhomes from Carado are ready for anything. Aerodynamic and compact, they easily wind their way through narrow streets or around mountain roads. Our semi-integrated motorhomes offer unlimited space and an almost infinite variety of layouts and possible combinations of features. And the best thing about them? We already offer semi-integrated models for those with a budget under €55,000.

Maximum Comfort

There’s plenty of room for family and friends. Everyone can be accommodated in Carado’s integrated motorhomes. The completely separate shower and bathroom are a real plus in this respect. They allow everyone to freshen themselves up easily after a walk, bike ride or a day at the beach so they’re soon ready for the evening or the next adventure. 

City Trips

Many people dream of freely taking off on their own to discover the fascinating European capitals. Well, now you can make it a reality with a sophisticated motorhome. European cities have so much to offer, it’s phenomenal. From culture and shopping to culinary delights, there are countless unforgettable experiences to be had by everyone, no matter what you like. When’s your next trip?

Holiday in Sardinia

Gorgeously soft sandy beaches, turquoise waters and the delightful smell of wild thyme and marjoram – welcome to Sardinia! The Mediterranean’s second largest island is a true paradise for motorhome explorers. Take a break at the most spectacular stopping places, find one of the island’s charming campsites and forget about your cares for a while.

Active Holiday in the Alps

Let’s be honest, is there anything that blows you away more than experiencing majestic mountain peaks in person and getting to feel their quiet power? We don’t think so. That’s why our recommendation for anyone tired of the daily grind is to take a tour of the magnificent mountainous landscapes of South Tyrol. You’re free to do whatever takes your fancy: Cruise through the gorgeous scenery and mountain passes in your Carado, go on a quest for the perfect stopping places with breath-taking vistas, or charge up the mountain sides to conquer the top. Or maybe just do it all?

Holiday in the North

Many of us associate holidays to Scandinavia with wide open landscapes and boundless freedom. Experiencing the raw beauty of the Nordics in a motorhome is simply out of this world. Iceland in particular offers stunning natural landscapes, from the majestic Westfjords region to the country’s wild highlands. The small North Atlantic island is a true example of freedom and adventure. The amazing roads on the island make for unforgettable road trips. Fire up your Carado and hit the road. With the cold north wind nipping at your nose and a traditional fish sandwich in your hand, you’ll soon understand what they mean by “hygge”: living in the moment.


Get in, buckle up and let’s go! It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? That sense of unbridled freedom that you get soon after setting off in your motorhome. It’s the realisation that you suddenly have lots of possibilities, and all you have to do is choose one. You don’t always have to wake up and set the day’s schedule right there and then, instead you just do whatever takes your fancy whenever you want. Whether that’s early spring or late autumn, the right destination can make any road trip in your motorhome unforgettable.


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