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Imagine for a second, you’re a loved member of the family, yet whenever the rest go on a special trip they leave you behind. That’s not on, is it? We agree! That’s why Carado motorhomes offer space for everyone, including your four-legged friends. We particularly love the new Carado dog bed that comes in two sizes and can be easily secured. Your furry friend will feel so at home in the Carado that you might have to get the treats out just to coax them outside. Trust us, you will!


Looking for nicest spots to stop Looking for nicest spots to stop


There are a few things to clear up before heading on a long trip with your four-legged friend. That includes how to find a dog-friendly campsite. If you’re unsure if dogs are allowed, it always helps to send an email or give the campsite a quick call.

If your dog could choose a campsite, its demands would be simple: Somewhere with lots of fellow dogs and plenty of trees would be perfect. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy, and you obviously have to find out first whether your chosen spot even allows dogs. What’s more, camping spots that are dog friendly make life so much easier for both two and four-legged family members. These days you have plenty of options if you want to make the holiday extra special for Rex too. Is there a great dog park nearby, for example? Or perhaps there’s a chance to swim in a river or lake? 


Dog tag, vaccination record and other important documents Dog tag, vaccination record and other important documents


Are you already excited for the start of your holiday? Yes? Great! But first, you should make a few plans in advance so you don’t have any nasty surprises once you hit the road. For example, you should check the entry requirements for the countries where you want to travel to with your dog.

Of course, dog tags and vaccination records are essential to pack for any trip with your dog. The principle still applies even if you’re not leaving the country. It’s always better if you can provide documentation for your dog in case there are any checks. Your dog will also need to have an EU pet passport and be microchipped if you’re travelling abroad. You can get a passport from the vet when you take your dog for their first vaccinations. It provides assurance that your dog (or cat) fulfils the necessary health requirements and is up to date with its anti-rabies vaccinations.

A handy tip: Just write a name and mobile number on the dog tag, so your dog can be matched with you more quickly if it becomes lost. All set? Then off we go!


But what about on the road? But what about on the road?


Going on a road trip can be stressful for your dog too. Depending on its breed and temperament, the journey can be a challenge from the start, for example if your dog feels uneasy or cannot be calmed down. The dog’s distress can be a dangerous distraction for everyone involved, including the driver, so you should always try to keep the dog calm.

You’re usually guaranteed a relaxed journey as long as you prepare your dog well beforehand. Allow your dog time to get used to its new surroundings a few days before setting out. Make your dog a part of the vehicle preparation process and show it where it should sit and stay for the journey. As you probably already know, it’s also a good idea to take something they’re familiar with. The dog blanket from home works perfectly. And, of course, taking a good number of breaks to let your dog stretch its legs and drink enough water makes sure it is well cared for.

Don’t forget: Dogs also need to be securely buckled up during the journey just like everything else on board. Be sure to take a safety harness and any other appropriate accessories. Alternatively, you could get a dog crate or other free-standing container that can be secured as required so that your dog stays put when driving around corners or braking suddenly, protecting it and other passengers from danger or injury.


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