Floor plan of the A-464

Technical Information A 464

  • Series chassis FIAT Leiterrahmen
  • Basic motorization 2,3 l MJet
  • kw (PS) 88 (120)
  • Tyre size 215/70 R 15 CP
  • Total length approx. cm 725
  • Total width approx. cm 232
  • Total height approx. cm 314
  • Headroom in living area, approx. cm 195
  • Wheel base approx. mm 404
  • Mass in running order approx. kg 2895
  • Maximum load approx. kg 605
  • Technically permissible total mass, kg 3500 / 3650 (OPT)
  • Permissible towed load braked kg 2000 / 750
  • Permitted number of persons 4 / 6 (OPT)
  • Clearance of garage door or flap left, W x H, cm 105 x 120
  • Clear dimension garage door or flap left W x H cm 105 x 80 (OPT)
  • Bed dimension: Central / middle bed, L x W, approx. cm 185 x 100
  • Bed dimension: Rear bed, L x W, approx. cm 210 x 150 / 135
  • Bed dimensions lifting bed L x W approx. cm 210 x 160
  • Sleeping places 6
  • Refrigerator volume incl. freezer, approx. l 127 / 14 l Gefrierfach; 167 / 29 (OPT)
  • Heating type Combi 6
  • Fresh water supply, approx. l 122
  • Water supply (during the journey) 20
  • Waste water tank approx. l 92
  • Second battery, Ah, incl. additional charger 95 / 18 Ah/A
  • Sockets 12 V 1
  • Sockets 230 V 2 / 4 (OPT)
  • Sockets USB 2

A 464 standard specification

Body and storage space
Living room
Sleeping area
Body and storage space

An amazing feat of space-saving design on wheels: This model has room for six people, two double beds and a large garage. 

Living room

Compact comfort: The alcove bed folds up, making the interior feel amazingly spacious. The roomy seating area makes guests feel so comfy, they’ll not want to get up. 

Sleeping area

Family or friends staying too? Accommodating them is easy with two large double beds.  


Plenty of room for culinary delights: With a wide worktop and three-burner hob, it’s almost like cooking at home. 


Your ideal bathroom on the go: Bathroom features cassette toilet, swivel seat and separate shower cubicle. 





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