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Everyone who travels with kids knows that you have to come up with something to keep your little ones entertained when the weather isn’t playing ball. We’ve put together a few tips about what you can do when it’s gloomy outside, and they’re guaranteed to brighten up your day. 


Come on in! Come on in!


If you’re close to a town or city, you’ll soon be able to find somewhere that’s fun for the whole family, such as indoor pools, cinemas, indoor climbing centres and indoor play areas.

Why not use the bad weather as an opportunity to do something suitably educational with the little ones? Take the whole gang to a museum! And the weirder, the better. Many villages have local history museums chock full of curiosities.


No need to scrabble around for something to do: No need to scrabble around for something to do:


Make yourselves at home: turn up the heating a couple of notches and snuggle up under a few Carado fleece blankets – the whole family will soon be ensconced in a little den of cosiness. Got the board games? Great, they’re perfect for keeping the kids entertained. What’s more, many come in handy travel versions that don’t take up much space. Playing cards is another great way to while away the hours in the cosy seating nook. The same goes for handicrafts and painting. And, of course, there’s fun to be had using just your imagination. Everyone can join in playing charades or I spy, even the adults, while older children are sure to enjoy playing Scattergories or hangman. 


Entertainment until the suns comes out to play. Entertainment until the suns comes out to play.

Why not allow the kids to get out their games console, listen to audio books or watch a film on the on-board TV?  Quick tip: Make sure you park where there’s a good TV reception. If that’s not possible, there’s always the DVD player. Just pop your favourite film in, press play and enjoy.


Rain? Great! Play outside. Rain? Great! Play outside.

Playing out in the rain can be quite exciting for kids, as long as they have appropriate clothing. Fresh damp air has a lovely smell, and the little ones can have fun catching big fat raindrops on their tongues. Or they can listen to the sound of rain with mum and dad, and talk about what they think it sounds like. Another lovely idea is to make little boats and race them on puddles.


*Please note that the information listed here are only suggestions. We would like to remind you that we do not accept any liability for the accuracy or completeness of all information on this website. 


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