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There are few things nicer in life than stopping at a random spot to set up camp for the night right in the great outdoors. Even better if you stop at particularly spectacular place, far away from the hubbub of the city. Although there are restrictions on when and where you can do that. We’ll tell what you need to know about camping beyond basic pitches and campsites.


A heads up about wild camping. A heads up about wild camping.

Wild camping in most European countries can come with a hefty fine. However, in Germany you’re allowed to stay overnight for up to 10 hours to allow yourself to recover sufficiently so you can drive safely.

It’s best to check the regulations in force in the country you’re travelling to before setting off. In some countries, it’s illegal to stay overnight on private property – even if the owner has given you permission in advance!


It is not permitted to spend the night anywhere except on a campsite in the following countries:


•    Albania

•    Bosnia and Herzegovina

•    Bulgaria

•    Croatia

•    Czechia

•    Greece

•    Hungary

•    Macedonia

•    Montenegro

•    The Netherlands

•    Portugal

•    Serbia

•    Slovakia

•    Slovenia


The following countries permit you to spend one night off a campsite:


•    Belgium

•    Germany

•    Spain

•    Italy (however there are many restrictions that vary by region)


The following countries permit wild camping on private land (with permission), although camping outside of campsites is illegal:


•    Denmark

•    Finland

•    UK

•    Luxembourg

•    France

•    Ireland


The following countries permit wild camping, although there a several region-specific regulations that you should be aware of:


•    Austria

•    Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania 

•    Norway

•    Sweden

•    Switzerland



On-board essential:
Care & consideration.
On-board essential:
Care & consideration.

Imagine for a moment that you live in an area of outstanding natural beauty, but instead of seeing the sea, mountains, lakes or forests out of your window most days, you look out on to motorhomes, caravans and coaches. It’s not a pretty picture, is it? That’s why it’s important to be considerate of local residents. If there is official parking then just look out for the signs; many of them are located in beautiful spots. You may need to pay a small fee for some, but most are free. This saves you the usual paperwork associated with checking in and out of campsites, and you can come and go whenever you like.


Little oases: Campsites. Little oases: Campsites.

Compared to the basic pitches, some large campsites are like real luxury resorts as they often provide shops, sanitary facilities (some even have washing machines and dryers), swimming pools, restaurants, open-air stages and much more. Many also offer a varied recreation and entertainment programme, which are particularly attractive to families. Even small campsites offer power and water supply connections as well as shower and toilet facilities. The big advantage that campsites have over basic pitches is that you can theoretically stay for as long as you like. 


It’s getting dark! It’s getting dark!

What good is the most beautiful spot if it’s located somewhere that’s too light at night, or where the sun rises a bit too early for your liking? In that case we recommend using a suitable canvas cover from the Carado original accessories range. Just cover the windscreen and everything is nice an dark before you know it. It also has the extra benefit of blocking out prying eyes!

*Please note that the information listed here are only suggestions. We would like to remind you that we do not accept any liability for the accuracy or completeness of all information on this website. 


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