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The days when a camping holiday was synonymous with simple cooking are long gone. Instead of canned ravioli and other ready-made meals, a healthy and varied diet is now also the focus on the road. The clever kitchen in your Carado offers the perfect prerequisites for eating fresh food easily and deliciously even when you are out and about. In order to inspire you for your next trip with cheap and fast, but still delicious camping dishes, we asked our community about their favourite motorhome meals.


Fried potatoes - simple and hearty:


Fried potatoes are an ideal dish for the camper kitchen. Potatoes are in the German kitchen what pasta is in Italy, and they are practical companions in the mobile home: They are easy to transport, have a long shelf life and can be used in a variety of ways. With onions, butter or margarine and, alternatively, fried crispy with some bacon, they become a delicious dinner on the go in no time at all. A mixed salad with what the beautiful farmer's market or grocery store has to offer goes perfectly with it!

Pasta - the Italian classic:


Italy is not only one of the favourite destinations for European campers, it is also known for its cuisine that is both simple and tasty. Whose heart? Pasta, of course. These can not only be prepared on the stove at home, but also in the motorhome when you are out and about. The latest trend here is the so-called one pot pasta. A wide variety of ingredients can be thrown into a large saucepan with the pasta and cooked together. 15 minutes later the meal is ready.


Risotto - the pasta alternative

Rice, not pasta, is the main ingredient in the second classic from Italy, which is ideal for camping: the risotto. Here, too, variability is the magic word. Whether in the pumpkin, mushroom, or asparagus variant: Risotto is quick to prepare, does not need many ingredients and is ideal for using leftovers.

Salads - simple and healthy:


If you like it healthy on vacation, but are in a similar hurry, you can fall back on another classic: salads. They taste good and can not only be prepared quickly and completely without a stove, but also in countless variations. From standard salads to unusual combinations including watermelon, sheep cheese and mint, everything is possible.


Grilled food - the ultimate outdoor food

If you move food preparation from the motorhome kitchen outside, grilling will also become a popular way of cooking on the trip. In contrast to a hiking backpack, for example, a small grill can be stored away in the motorhome and because every outdoor pleasure with steaks, sausages or vegetables of all kinds from the grill is twice as fun, the delicious smell of a BBQ is often in the air above campsites.


Tacos - Mexico in stages

At least in Europe, tacos are not as common as grilled, but still very tasty. The typical Mexican dish consists of small tortillas that can be filled with meat, beans, cheese, lettuce, and any vegetables. If you cook according to the Mexican model, a fiery hot sauce should not be missing. You eat with your hands and in stages, so that a relaxed and long camping evening at the dining table is pre-programmed in groups.

Shakshuka - it's all in the mix:


With the Shakshuka, which is also ideal for the camper kitchen, the name says it all: the title of the specialty from Israeli and North African cuisine means something like “mixture” in English. Shakshuka consists of poached eggs in a tomato and pepper sauce, which is prepared in a pan with chili peppers and onions and eaten with flatbread. Combined, these ingredients result in a dish that is perfect for mobile travel and should be new for many campers.

Hungry now?

Regardless of whether you are new or familiar, Italian or Mexican, hot or cold - the options for dining on your next motorhome trip are as numerous as they are varied. And the fear that you will have to live on canned ravioli and bread on the go is completely unfounded. Not least because there is more than enough storage space in your Carado to store all cooking utensils and ingredients safely and out of sight, saving space, before and after eating.


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