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Your holiday is approaching, and you can barely contain yourself with excitement. But first, it would be helpful to clear up a few queries before setting off so that nothing gets in the way of your adventure. For example, what are the essentials for my check list? Which technical tips are going to be useful if there’s an emergency? And what should I be aware of when travelling with kids? Carado advice gives you vital information and handy tips about travelling with motorhomes and caravans. We also have a list of essential emergency numbers so that you’re fully prepared for any eventuality.



In this checklist, we will look at the most important tips and tricks for winter camping and what to look out for to get the most out of this extraordinary experience.

Buying a motorhome

If you want to buy a motorhome, many wonderful travel moments await you. To help you find the right motorhome for you, we have put together some useful tips.

Block mit Hand, die etwas schreibt

What to pack

Well, anything that you need for your dream holiday. We know that every person will have needs and ideas that are completely unique to them, and that’s a good thing. However, there are a few things that everyone should take with them.

Hund angeleint am Wohnmobil

Dog friendly travel

There’s no doubt about it – man’s best friend is a holiday essential, and travelling by motorhome makes bringing them along even more convenient. Your home comes with you after all, including your dog’s. We’ve put together a few handy tips to make your trip paw-some!

Season start

It’s spring! Sun rays gently warm your skin. We’ve put together a list of handy tips for you, showing you how you can make your Carado ready to hit the road when camping season arrives after the winter hibernation.

Camper Van im Winter mit Pistenbulli


The days are getting shorter, and the leaves are turning autumnal shades of yellow. It’s about time you start preparing your motorhome for the cold winter months, putting it into a well-earned hibernation. We’ve put together some tips so you can ensure your Carado safely survives winter. 


Your holiday is fast approaching, and you’ve spent some time excitedly thinking about what you want to take with you to make sure your year’s big event is not spoilt by having forgotten something.

First aid kit

It’s bound to happen to someone in the middle of a holiday. The good news is a first aid kit will help prevent most aches and pains or at least help you get a handle on them quickly.


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