Get to know our different kitchen, bathroom, bed and pack variants. Clever solutions and well-designed room concepts are our mission, and we love to make you feel safe and secure in your motorhome.

KITCHEN: Well designed concepts for you to enjoy

Our ergonomically arranged kitchens are perfectly integrated into the living area. Generous work surfaces and a gas cooker with a high-quality glass cover guarantee a lot of flexibility for cooking even in a small space. Standard equipment: spacious servo-soft drawers in the kitchen, LED lighting, spacious refrigerator with optional freezer compartment. Everything to make cooking simply fun.

SLEEPING AREA: Relaxation on the road

Our comfortable beds not only invite you to rest but are also ergonomically designed. The high-quality mattresses from Carado ensure increased sleeping comfort, because a restful sleep is also very important on holiday. In addition, practical storage space and storage options offer a lot of room. Find your perfect bed for a relaxing trip here.

BATHROOM: Functionality in a small space

CARADO's spacious bathrooms offer one thing above all: a functional room concept with maximum comfort for a relaxed start to the day. Whether separate shower room and toilet or combined - generous storage space is available. A cassette toilet with electric pump and rotating seat, large mirror surfaces and many other features are optimally integrated into the room.

Series: different types of construction

What is the difference between a van and a camper van? Why is the integrated called that? 
The multitude of model ranges often causes confusion and raises many questions. Learn about the differences and advantages of the individual series here and find your ideal Carado model more easily.

Seating groups: cosy living area

The living area - there is no place where we come together as often on holiday as here. We play here, relax, sometimes we sit here and just look out the window. 



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