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Rescue cards

valid from model year 2024

Modern vehicles are becoming safer and safer. An accident can disable the function of certain components. Airbags, power lines and connections in the bodywork, for example, can then become a danger. Rescue cards inform emergency services where spreaders and Jaws of Life can be used without risk.

Our tip: Download the rescue card for your vehicle model and print it out in colour. This way, the areas for special measures are clearly visible. Placed behind the driver's sun visor, it can be accessed immediately in an emergency.







Operating manuals

We answer many of your questions about our Carado motorhomes and camper vans in detail in the owner's manuals. There we explain step by step how our vehicles and individual accessories that are installed in series work:

  • What do you need to bear in mind when starting up for the first time?
  • Where is the battery disconnect switch in the motorhome?
  • How should the gas system be operated in general?
  • When should the water system be disinfected?
  • Where are the sockets in the interior?
  • How can the seating group be converted into a sleeping area?
  • What should be considered for winter operation?

And if you are missing any important information, one of our trade partners will of course help you at any time.


For additional information or if you have any questions about our vehicles, our trading partners are always there for you. Our knowledgeable dealers are available to answer all your questions. Contact your dealer now to get one step closer to your dream vehicle.

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