Georg Lindacher is a freelance photographer and creator. In his pictures he would like to show the viewer the most beautiful places on earth and offer them the opportunity to escape everyday life for a moment. With a few stopovers, Georg's Carado T447 headed for Brittany. We asked him a few questions about his trip.



Number of travellers:
3 people

Vehicle type: 
Carado T447

Travel period:
7 days in June 2021

Kilometres travelled:
approx. 4,500 km

Starting point: 

Mont-Saint-Michel, Saint-Malo, Erquy, Meneham, Le Phare du Petit Minou, Locronan, Quiberon, Bordeaux

Bretagne (France)


Georg, why did you choose this region or travel route for your trip?:

I chose Brittany for my photo tour because of the combination of beautiful coastlines and relics from the past. But I was also drawn to cycling. The rough asphalt and the special and demanding road conditions. In 2021, the Grand Départ was here - also the big start - of the Tour de France. I wanted to see that, to immerse myself in photography and capture it.

Freedom of wild camping or the comfort of campsites: what do you appreciate more?:

Personally, I really appreciate wild camping. Here it is important not to leave any rubbish behind and to act in an environmentally and nature-conscious manner. Of course, this is not allowed everywhere. Various apps can be used to find good parking spaces where overnight parking is permitted. But overnight stays on campsites are also useful. It is also important to be well informed in advance and then to make a decision depending on the situation and location.

What do you find exciting about Brittany and its culture from a photographic point of view?:

The rugged coasts with countless lighthouses and their war past as well as the picturesque medieval towns.

What are the top 3 spots you explored?:

1. Le Phare du Petit Minou 2. Quiberon 3. Mont-Saint-Michel

What would be number one for you in the “Attractions” category - and why?

Mont-Saint-Michel in Normandy. This place is simply an architectural masterpiece!


What is your personal insider tip for this travel route?:

My tip is: Take a longer vacation here than one less. Brittany has so much to offer - scenic, cultural, but also simply beautiful things. Most of the time it is even more beautiful than you can capture in photographs.

Would you recommend the combination of work and motorhome life to other creators as well?

It's a wonderful opportunity to work in the most beautiful places on earth. It combines wanderlust and duty. Of course, it takes a certain amount of self-discipline to actually fulfil this duty. But my recommendation is: try it out, get on your way!


Which photo you took on your trip is your favourite?:

Reisemobil International

“Die Marke Carado aus der Erwin Hymer Group steht seit jeher für solide gefertigte, preisgünstige Freizeitfahrzeuge”


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