I-series: Laid-back traveller

Integrated motorhomes

Seriously easy-going on the road. Carado’s integrated motorhomes are veritable homes on wheels, and their integrated driver’s cab makes them feel unbelievably spacious.

from £69,100

T-series: Flexible traveller

Semi-integrated motorhomes

Compact and aerodynamic, plus an incredible number customisation options. Our semi-integrated motorhomes come in many different layouts. There’s a motorhome to suit everyone at Carado. Holiday, here we come!

from £55,800

A-series: Classic traveller


Carado’s classic motorhome, an amazing feat of space-saving design with its overcab bed. There’s plenty of room for family and friends, and lots of holiday fun to be had.

from £54,500

V-series: Nimble traveller


Cobbles, ancient archways and small winding streets – old towns are an absolute delight to explore, both by foot and in your Carado van. With its smart, slim build, the van can manoeuvre its way around any narrow street with extreme ease. This model is by no means limited by space.

from £51,100

CV-series: Spontaneous traveller

Camper van

Carado’s camper van can be used like a regular everyday vehicle, while it’s always ready for the next holiday, making it wonderfully simple and versatile. Just pick up your favourite people and go!

from £46,200



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