Number and names of travelers:
2 adults (Oliver and Anja Köth), 2 children

Carado T448 EDITION24

Travel period:
2 weeks in July 2023

Traveled kilometers:
approx. 1.500

Start point: 
Leutkirch im Allgäu (Germany)

End point:
Cavallino Treporti (Italy)

Steinplatte, Tirol, AUS

Special Feature: 
Camping beginner


Oliver and Anja from femily.hashtagt are influencers and content creators. With a large portion of humour and down-to-earthness, the two take their community right into the middle between family, children, ease and everyday madness. In typical authentic style, they give unvarnished, genuine insights into their lives - and delight their community with them every day. This time it's their first camping holiday with Carado.

Familienfoto im Urlaub mit Carado

Welcome back from your first camping holiday! We really hope you enjoyed it. We have a few questions for you about your swimming trip to Italy. You had your first trip with the Carado T448. How was the experience?

Yes, our first trip with the Carado T448 was really super. The motorhome was much easier to drive than expected. Initial concerns about size or driving comfort quickly evaporated. It was really fun to be able to see the road already as a small part of the holiday with it.

As newcomers to camping, what made you want to try camping now?

Our decision to try camping was made after a frustrating trip to Thailand with the kids. Our kids were 1 and 5 years old at the time. The journey there and back was really exhausting. So we decided to take a different approach. We wanted to be flexible, be able to organise the trip ourselves and, above all, travel stress-free.


Did you discover any recommended campsites during your trip?

Definitely! Our long-time friend recommended a great place in Cavallino Treporti, which she has been visiting for ages. I won't tell you, though, because it was an insider tip and we promised our friend confidentiality to make sure we'd still get a place there in the future. But we can also recommend Camping Mediterraneo, which is also a great option. And in Tyrol, we had a great experience at Camping Steinplatte in Waidring. They even had their own swimming lake, which was really remarkable.


femily hashtagt im Urlaub mit dem Carado T448
femily hashtagt grillt auf dem Campingplatz

What were your top 3 camping holiday activities?

The outdoor pool in Waidring - we had a lot of fun there, especially the children. Then the Tirassic Park on the Steinplatte, which offered us all an exciting adventure. The mix of exploring and having fun was really rewarding. And of course, hanging out on the beach in Cavallino Treporti - just letting your mind wander.


What was your culinary classic at Carado?

Our favourite at Carado was definitely porridge. It's easy to prepare, only requires one pot and tastes good to everyone. It was a great way to start the day with a nutritious meal.


What could not be missing from your packing list for a camping holiday as a family?

On our essential packing list was definitely a fan. This insider tip was a valuable discovery, especially during the warm nights. We also brought a doormat to keep the interior clean and a hoover to deal with the sand from the beach.

How did you organise the driving times with the children? Were there any special tric

On the outward journey, we deliberately made many stops. We planned meals, bought toys, ate ice cream - all the things children like. In between, we stopped at rivers or playgrounds to get some exercise. And yes, the iPad was occasionally used when the mood wasn't optimal. On the way back, on the other hand, we used the night for the drive. The children slept almost the entire way, which worked really well.

femily hashtagt Kids am Spielen auf dem Campingplatz
femily hashtagt im Urlaub mit Carado

Did you miss anything when packing or would you have packed differently?

Our packing list was based on the recommendations we found online and it worked well. One tip I can share: Less is more! We deliberately took very little with us, which made it much easier. The kids only had some sand toys and a few books with them, which was quite enough. Oh yes, what we missed: the fan. During the hot nights with over 30 degrees, we got one in Italy.


Where exactly did you go, what experiences did you have there and would you repeat the trip?

First we spent a few days in Tyrol. There we had a lot of fun, cycled, visited the Tirassic Park on the Steinplatte and swam in open-air pools and at the lake. Then we went on to Cavallino Treporti, where we spent relaxing days on the beach. We would definitely repeat this trip, it was a successful mix of activities and relaxation.


And how did you manage the sleeping situation in the camper van?

In the T448 we had a fold-down bed and a bed in the back. We put one child in the fold-down bed - it was like a cosy little cave. The other child and we parents used the spacious bed area in the back of the motorhome. It was a practical and comfortable solution.

Finally, do you have three cool tips for camping newbies?

Have the courage to try camping without letting it stress you out too much from the start. It may seem challenging at first, but it will be worth it.


Enjoy the relaxed camping lifestyle. There is no rigid schedule, that's the beauty of camping.


Plan enough breaks during the journey to make the trip comfortable for you and the children.


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