CARADO's spacious bathrooms offer one thing above all: a functional room concept with maximum comfort for a relaxed start to the day. Whether separate shower room and toilet or combined - generous storage space is available. A cassette toilet with electric pump and rotating seat, large mirror surfaces and many other features are optimally integrated into the room.


A feeling of space: the bathroom can be separated from the living area with the practical separating door - in addition, it can also be used as a comfortable dressing room. The generous division of the toilet and shower area creates a particularly spacious bathroom: large mirror surfaces, separate shower cubicle and practical shelves.   Floor plans Motorhomes: T334 / T447 / T339 / T449 / T459 I447 / I449

Comfort bathroom:

In our comfort bathroom, the toilet and shower are housed in one room, but by means of a practical partition, both areas can also be used separately at any time. Depending on the model, swivelling washbasins or toilets enable optimal and space-saving use of the bathroom. The intelligent layout offers plenty of storage space for all care products, which are always within easy reach. Floor plans Motorhomes: A361 / A464 / T135


Thoughtfully made: discover something new in our Vario-bathrooms. Simply swivel the wall with integrated washbasin and you're already standing in the shower – with plenty of space! Of course, there is also plenty of storage space for washing utensils and cosmetics. Floor plans Motorhomes: A132 / A461 T337 / T338 / T448 I338 V132 / V337 / V339

Compact bathroom:

A highlight in the compact bathroom is the practical fixed washbasin with generous storage space. This functional solution allows for optimal use of space. The retractable LED spotlights provide a pleasant lighting concept. Daylight also enters the interior at any time through an integrated skylight with integrated insect screen.   Floor plans Camper Vans: CV540 / CV600 / CV601 / CV640

Model overview Model

Which models are equipped with which bathroom? Discover your perfect variant in this overview, all bathrooms are completely individual and are various shapes and sizes!

Semi-integrated Bathroom Comfort bathroom Vario-bathroom Compact bathroom
T135 x
T334 x
T337 x
T338 x
T339 x
T447 x
T448 x
T449 x
T459 x
Integrated Bathroom Comfort bathroom Vario-bathroom Compact bathroom
I338 x
I447 x
I449 x
Alcove Bathroom Comfort bathroom Vario-bathroom Compact bathroom
A132 x
A361 x
A461 x
A464 x
Vans Bathroom Comfort bathroom Vario-bathroom Compact bathroom
V132 x
V337 x
V339 x
Camper Vans Bathroom Comfort bathroom Vario-bathroom Compact bathroom
CV540 x
CV600 x
CV601 x
CV640 x

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