Number and names of travelers:
2 adults (Marie and Max)

Carado V132

Travel period:
3 weeks in July 2022

Kilometers traveled:
approx. 7.000

Starting point: 
Zell am See (Austria)

Lofoten (Norway)

Germany, Denmark, Sweden


Max Bründl is a photographer and nature enthusiast.
As a mountain and outdoor lover, he was on the road together with his girlfriend Marie in the Carado V132 EDITION15 heading north. On the direct way it went to Denmark, then further over Sweden to the Lofoten in Norway and finally with many stops back home. More than 7,000 kilometers and countless wonderful experiences later, Max and Marie have photographs in their luggage that show us Scandinavia as a place of longing.

We were more than excited for this adventure. Although we travel a lot, it was our first trip together in a camper. So we were not only facing unknown countries, but also the new camper life. Without courage and new challenges you move in life, after all, in a dead end, so it was nothing like pack up, buckle up, go and dive into a new chapter! With bag and baggage we picked up the Carado V132 EDITION15 and moved further and further north.



To make fast distance, we pulled ourselves together and drove kilometer by kilometer to Copenhagen. There was our first stop. After 28,000 steps, we finally knew the city pretty well. You almost seem extraordinary in Copenhagen if you're not on a bike, but on foot. The network of bike paths is sensationally developed. After the long ride, however, we still felt more like exercising on foot. We climbed 400 steps up to the Vor Frelsers Kirke to see the city from above, walked through beautiful gardens and visited one or the other café to linger. In the evening we rewarded ourselves with a great sourdough pizza at the restaurant of a former Noma chef.



At eight o'clock the following day, it was time to get ready and get behind the wheel. The next stop was Stockholm. There we visited Max's cousin, who showed us Stockholm from the "local side". Sunset on the cliff, colorful rose gardens, a visit to the photo museum, dinner in a traditional country house and super barista cafes (our personal preference) with lots of kanelbullar (Swedish cinnamon buns) were on the agenda. With about 28,000 steps again, we were able to really soak up Stockholm and will remember the city more than positively. After two days it was time to say goodbye again and move on!


We drove closer and closer to our big destination - Lofoten! After two days at the wheel we finally reached the nature paradise. The weather was just fantastic, we were so lucky! Spectacular views like in a storybook, white sand beaches like in Hawaii and bridges like in San Francisco - everything on these small islands. This dramatic, distinctive landscape definitely exceeded our expectations! It makes you feel like you've stepped back in time hundreds of years, far from everyday life and civilization. Decelerating, touching and authentic, although we were clearly not the only campers there. This made the search for a pitch not always easy, but mostly we had a good nose. After four hikes, we rewarded ourselves with a classic fish burger (a must up there) and headed back to the mainland after a few days. For this we took the ferry from Moskenes to Bodo and got again a beautiful view from the sea to the sunlit mountains of the Lofoten.



The following days on the mainland were rather rainy, and we used the time to check off organizational things on our list. Also the one or other coffee house stop in Trondheim or Ålesund could not be missed, since Marie has a preference and good nose for restaurants and cafés. Despite the bad weather, we especially took Trondheim to our hearts, as it has a beautiful old town with a large cathedral and many small boutiques and restaurants.



Back to nature and mountains was the order of the day when the weather was more or less okay again. The next stop was the famous Geirangerfjord with the impressive road Trollstigen. There we stayed at a small campsite at the foot of a waterfall. A boat ride past the waterfalls "De syv søstrene" (in German: "The seven sisters") led us to the start of a great hike. We were dropped off at the shore, and from there we went steeply uphill to the old farm Skageflå, where we were rewarded with a great view over the fjord. After two hours, we were finally picked up again by boat and brought back to Geiranger. This was really a recommendable combination!

We then continued over countless glacier areas and through national parks towards the Aurlandsfjord, which is a branch of the Sognefjord. We spent the night directly at the viewpoint Stegastein. We stood on a totally sloping parking lot, but even there we were not fussy and realized: We can sleep in all positions. Sleep mask (in the north really recommendable) on, earplugs in and eyes closed! In Flåm, we took another hike to the Brekkefossen waterfall and then drove on to the city of Bergen. Bergen was very crowded and rather stressful, far from relaxed strolling. We therefore sought nature again, hiked to a viewing platform above the city and finally took the train back down to the valley. This was a nice end to the city trip.



Afterwards we needed a little break, because we were already close to Stavanger, our last destination in Norway. But there was one thing we could not miss: the most famous tour in Norway, the hike to the rock platform Preikestolen. This one is well worth it, because as crowded as Preikestolen is, the view is unforgettable. We hiked up at eight in the evening and were all to ourselves in sections. We would therefore recommend starting early in the morning or late in the evening. At the top, someone even played his guitar and sang us a song - so almost cheesy!



The city of Stavanger in itself really surprised us. We have found few places to be so charming, colorful and lively. Small alleys, lots of shopping, good restaurants and of course super cafes. We also spent a day at Sola beach near Stavanger. Due to the strong wind, the dunes pile up there, from where you can watch the numerous kite surfers super. Then it was time to say goodbye and board the ferry. We spent the night on board and woke up early in the morning in Denmark. Now it was like at the beginning: cruise control on, bite through and off home. See you soon, Scandinavia!



In our opinion, the Carado V132 EDITION15 is a real all-rounder. The added value of the vehicle clearly lies in its compactness: The van contains everything in a small space without having to make any compromises. Bed length and headroom in the motorhome are adapted to the compact concept.

The shower, cooking and driving per se worked flawlessly and definitely convinced us. Emptying the waste water tank and refilling the fresh water was uncomplicated, even for camping novices. The V132 is an ideal vehicle for anyone who wants a maneuverable, compact motorhome with which neither pitch size at the campsite nor driving on narrower roads will be a problem.


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