Our ergonomically arranged kitchens are perfectly integrated into the living area. Generous work surfaces and a gas cooker with a high-quality glass cover guarantee a lot of flexibility for cooking even in a small space. Standard equipment: spacious servo-soft drawers in the kitchen, LED lighting, spacious refrigerator with optional freezer compartment. Everything to make cooking simply fun.

L-shaped Kitchen:

Modern and practical: the kitchen's spacious L-shape with angled extension offers plenty of space for cooking and integrates perfectly into the living area. In addition to a generous work surface and many storage options, the gas cooker is equipped with a high-quality cast iron grate and at the same time ensures safe cooking. The glass cover also serves as a practical splash guard. Floor plans Motorhomes: T334 / T338 / T448 / T447 / T339 / T449 / T459 I338 / I447 / I449


Everything finds its place in the functionally arranged side kitchen from Carado with spacious drawers equipped with Servo-Soft. The stainless steel round sink with a glass cover and the easy-clean worktop ensure real cooking pleasure. With the high-quality 3-burner hob with cast-iron pot support, safe cooking comes as standard. Our harmonious kitchen concept invites you to cook and stay. Floor plans Motorhomes: T135 / T337 A132 / A361 / A461 / A464 Floor plans Vans: V132 / V337 / V339


Simply perfect: With the practical combination of hob and sink, the space in our side kitchens can be used optimally. The drawers with Servo-Soft provide additional ease of use. With the high-quality 2-burner hob with piezo ignition and split glass cover, safe cooking comes as standard. Our LED lighting provides a pleasant lighting concept that simply invites you to cook together. Floor plans Camper Vans: CV540 / CV600 / CV601 / CV640

Model overview Model

Which models are equipped with which kitchen? Discover your perfect variant in this overview, all kitchens are completely individual and are various shapes and sizes!

Semi-integrated L-shaped Kitchen Side kitchen
T135 x
T334 x
T337 x
T338 x
T339 x
T447 x
T448 x
T449 x
T459 x
Integrated L-shaped Kitchen Side kitchen
I338 x
I447 x
I449 x
Alcove L-shaped Kitchen Side kitchen
A132 x
A361 x
A461 x
A464 x
Vans L-shaped Kitchen Side kitchen
V132 x
V337 x
V339 x
Camper Vans L-shaped Kitchen Side kitchen
CV540 x
CV600 x
CV601 x
CV640 x

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