Our comfortable beds not only invite you to rest but are also ergonomically designed. The high-quality mattresses from Carado ensure increased sleeping comfort, because a restful sleep is also very important on holiday. In addition, practical storage space and storage options offer a lot of room. Find your perfect bed for a relaxing trip here.


Narrow structure, wide beds: every centimetre is perfectly utilised to make the living space as spacious as possible. With a length of up to 2.15 m, our comfortable lengthwise single beds with high-quality mattresses and a wooden slatted frame are certainly not short on sleeping comfort. With a few simple steps and an additional cushion, the two single beds can quickly be transformed into a large double bed. This function can be selected as an optional extra.

Floor plans Motorhomes:
T338 / T448 / T447
I338 / I447

Floor plans Vans:

Floor plans Camper Vans:

Transverse bed motorhome:

The compact transverse bed at the back makes optimum use of the full width of the motorhome, creating a great feeling of space. Equipped with high-quality mattresses, you will find a pleasant retreat in the rear. Relax on a sleeping area of up to 2.10 m x 1.5 m and store your luggage easily and conveniently in the practical overhead storage cupboards above the bed.

Floor plans Motorhomes:
A132 / A464

Floor plans Vans:

Transverse Camper Van:

The compact transverse bed at the back has many clever features: the wooden slatted frame can be stacked sideways and allows you to store more items. In addition, well thought-out equipment details offer a pleasant feel-good ambience. Best of all: the high-quality mattress with increased lying comfort invites you to get cosy and dream!

Floor plans Camper Vans:
CV540 / CV600 / CV601

French bed:

Large feeling of space included! With the French bed, the living area is very spacious and still offers a lot of room to relax. The space-saving bathroom is located at the side of the rear and is optimally integrated into the motorhome.

Floor plans Motorhomes:

Queens bed:

The comfortable Queen bed, which is easily accessible from three sides, offers the best comfort. With a length of up to 2 m and a width of up to 1.50 m, a restful sleep is guaranteed. The separate wardrobes on both sides of the sleeping area as well as the overhead storage cupboards above the bed offer additional storage space. So you don't have to do without any of your favourite items of clothing on holiday.

Floor plans Motorhomes:
T339 / T449 / T459

Floor plans Vans:

Lift-up bed:

Sleeping comfort at the highest level: simply pull down the bed with the handle, attach the practical ladder, climb in and relax. The lifting bed, which is up to 2 m long, fits perfectly into the room concept and easily creates an additional sleeping space. And the best thing is, if the second sleeping area is not needed, the standing height in the living area is maintained. This equipment comes as standard with our integrated models.

Floor plans Motorhomes:
T338 / T448 / T447 / T449 / T459 (optional)
I338 / I447 / I449 (Serie)

Bed conversion seating group / guest bed:

Whether guests have announced themselves or someone drops by spontaneously, the seating area can be transformed into a bed for two people in just a few simple steps. There is no more practical way to create overnight accommodation. The bed conversion varies depending on the floor plan.

Floor plans Motorhomes:
T448 / T447 / T449 / T459 (optional)
I447 / I449 (optional)
A361 / A464 (standard)

Floor plans Vans:
V132 (optional)

Bunk bed:

Compact and comfortable, bunk beds are cosy retreats and offer additional sleeping space of up to 2.10 m x 0.85 m. An absolute classic, they are particularly family-friendly and offer space for big and small, creating a separate realm for dreaming on each floor. All that remains to be decided is who gets to sleep on the top bunk!

Floor plans Motorhomes:

Floor plans Camper Vans:

Bed alcoves:

Inside the alcove, the open and spacious bed creates a very cosy sleeping area. During the day it is flooded with light through the practical windows and pleasantly illuminated at night. Fitted above the driver's and passenger's seats, the alcove bed makes perfect use of the available space. Two people can sleep and relax here on an area of up to 2.10 m x 1.60 m.

Floor plans Motorhomes:
A132 / A361 / A464

Model overview Model

Which models are equipped with which bed? Discover your perfect variant in this overview, all sleeping areas are completely individual and are various shapes and sizes!

Semi-integrated Lengthwise single bed Transverse bed French bed Queens bed Lifting bed Bunk bed
T135 x
T338 x x (opt.)
T447 x x (opt.)
T448 x x (opt.)
T449 x x (opt.)
T459 x x (opt.)
Integrated Lengthwise single bed Transverse bed French bed Queens bed Lifting bed Bunk bed
I338 x x
I447 x x
I449 x x
Alcove Lengthwise single bed Transverse bed French bed Queens bed Lifting bed Bunk bed
A132 x
A361 x
A464 x
Vans Lengthwise single bed Transverse bed French bed Queens bed Lifting bed Bunk bed
V132 x
V337 x
V339 x
Camper Vans Lengthwise single bed Transverse bed French bed Queens bed Lifting bed Bunk bed
CV540 x
CV600 x
CV601 x x
CV640 x

Order in the camper sleeping area

Sleeping area and dressing room in one: Keeping the motorhome bedroom tidy is the be-all and end-all for a restful night's sleep and, of course, tidy clothes. But how is this challenge mastered? Isabella Franke, organizer coach and known from various TV and Youtube formats, gives important tips & tricks for the motorhome sleeping area. In addition, products are presented that can help you in terms of order & coziness.

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