There’s plenty of room for family and friends. Everyone can be accommodated in Carado’s integrated motorhomes. The completely separate shower and bathroom are a real plus in this respect. They allow everyone to freshen themselves up easily after a walk, bike ride or a day at the beach so they’re soon ready for the evening or the next adventure. 


The sweet taste of holiday. The sweet taste of holiday.


You stroll through the local weekly market, stopping every so often to try something, before returning to the Carado with your backpack full of fresh ingredients.

The kitchen in the integrated motorhome includes a fridge complete with freezer compartment and gas hob with safety pilot, all neatly fitted into a compact, ergonomic design. It has everything you need to make a mouth-watering evening meal on the move, meaning the cooking pretty much takes care of itself.


Plenty of room for maximum comfort Plenty of room for maximum comfort


Super comfy furniture, delightfully cosy beds and all tastefully designed – The interiors in our semi-integrated motorhomes are made from top-quality materials 

with lots of convenient features. Whether you’re lying down, sitting or standing, you’ll find the interiors super spacious. The bright, friendly colour schemes make for a pleasant atmosphere and ensure you feel nice and comfortable on every trip. The different possible bed sizes make sure you sleep soundly on holiday. There are two types to choose from: A queen-sized bed that you can get into from all sides, or the handy single beds that can be converted into one big sleeping space whenever you need. Wherever you’re going, your home is always with you.


Spa on wheels: Spa on wheels:


After a fun-packed day on holiday, it’s great to come back to your little home on wheels where the bathroom has everything you need for a quick freshen up. All the bathrooms in the integrated models share one thing above all else: functionality. 

The shower is a separate cubicle opposite the toilet, giving you plenty of room to freshen up after a day of holiday adventures. Cassette toilet, recessed LED spot lights and large mirrors are just some of the many practical details featured in the bathrooms on board Carado’s integrated motorhomes.


The perfect fit The perfect fit


Our integrated motorhomes give you everything you need for a perfect trip. With smart design concepts and well-built equipment, your holiday starts as soon as you get on board. 

There’s space for everything in the large rear garage – camping table and chairs, bikes and even your paddleboard. Your cargo stays right where you put it thanks to anti-slip mats and plenty of handy fixtures. Everything fits in nice and snug. Whatever you’re up to, you can rely on our many storage spaces to take care of your belongings.


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