Seat extension
The foldable boxes can be fully packed and stowed directly in the motorhome.
Floor safe
Valuables are kept safe and secured by an anti-slip mat while driving.
Cab carpet
It consists of robust and easy-care material with heel protectors and rubber granulate backing.
Nodding dachshund
Our Rudi nodding dachshund sets accents and convinces with a loving design. It is the ideal companion for every camping holiday.
Passenger door safe
The safe is not recognizable as such from the outside and offers security against thieves.
Dog bed
Perfect Sleep! With our dog bed, this is now also comfortably possible for your four-legged friend in the motorhome!
Water filter clearliQ
The CARADO water filter clearliQ travel powered by Grünbeck reliably filters bacteria and coarse dirt from tap water.

We create all our Carado accessories alongside developing our vehicles so that the shape, technology and design of each product fits perfectly with its particular Carado model. That means you can enjoy an even greater degree of flexibility, comfort and safety. Needless to say, our motorhome accessories also meet the highest quality standards. So, we hope you have a great trip and enjoy getting the most out of your practical, durable and custom-fit accessories!



Carado gives you a wide variety of options for customising your motorhome to fit the way you like to travel. We have accessories for almost anything you could want, such as RadFazz bike racks to ensure your bikes are safely transported, large mosquito net for rear doors, or made-to-measure sheets for special-sized mattresses – the options are endless.

All you need to do is send us your personalised wish list or give us a call. We’d be happy to help.



Dog gate

Lots of space for your four-legged friend


The dog guard transforms the space under your bed into an optimal place for your dog. Your dog has its own place to retreat to and, thanks to the lockable door, a permanent place while driving. With the supplied holder, you can simply move the existing load protection to the rear and insert the dog guard including the door into the holder that has become free.

The nice thing about it is that you can choose the size of the resulting room individually according to your or your dog's needs.

  • Net weight: approx. 4 kg

  • Dimensions: 938mm x 598mm (L x W)

  • Material: poplar plywood


Motorhome safety is crucial to ensure carefree experiences on holiday. In this respect, Carado Original Accessories products can play an essential role in increasing safety both on the road and when camping.

We present various original accessories that help to protect against theft of the motorhome and other dangers. From safes and security packs to theft detection and innovative Osram Night Breaker headlights, these products help to ensure that travelling with your motorhome is not only comfortable, but also safe.




Osram Night Breaker LED bulbs ensure better visibility and thus increased safety when traveling. Compared to conventional halogen lamps, the Night Breaker provides up to 220% more brightness - and up to 5 times longer life. Nevertheless, the LED system is very easy to replace if necessary.




The Safety package has been especially designed for Carado motorhomes and offers excellent protection inside and outside your vehicle.

  • WiPro3 safe.lock alarm system with specific Fiat CAN bus control device to secure both doors in the driver’s cab

  • 4 magnetic contacts for body doors and 3 windows included in the scope of delivery

  • 1 gas warner (anaesthetic gas, butane/propane)

  • Possible to stay in the motorhome without deactivating the sensors

  • Centralised control using the remote handheld transmitter

  • Vent Check – emits warning of open magnetic contacts when the ignition is switched on





Protect your vehicle effectively against theft and rely on the Europe-wide service network of our partner Vodafone Automotive. In the event of theft, alarm centres in 44 countries, which cooperate with local police stations, will locate and secure your vehicle. Via the My Connected Car app for Android and iOS, you can manage and monitor geo-zones, among other things. No matter where you park your vehicle: You will receive immediate information as soon as it leaves this location.




With the Carado floor safe, burglars have no chance of getting their hands on your valuables. As the safe is sturdily positioned in the floor hatch beside the seating area, you can protect your valuables inconspicuously and with minimal space requirements. This makes it a particularly effective form of protection against burglars. Thanks to its flush-mounted design, the safe has no leverage points for levers or breaking tools.




The specially developed safe is not recognisable as such from the outside and also offers enough security against thieves because of the special screws used. The safe finds its place in the passenger door. It offers enough space for the most important things that you want to keep safe on the road, such as: Wallet, credit cards, mobile phones, identity papers, cash, jewellery. The lid is also protected from being prised open, as there are no points of attachment.



No matter where your next journey takes you: With the CARADO Backrack+ you equip your vehicle with maximum flexibility.

It opens up a new world of possibilities for you thanks to the different components such as the Bike Carrier Shuttle or the Mini Rack. It doesn't matter whether you are cycling in the Alps or on a relaxing camping trip on the beach - with the CARADO Backrack+ you always have the right solution at hand.

It also gives your vehicle a special look thanks to the elegant and coordinated design of the individual components.




The Wheel Holder is a spare wheel holder specially developed for the Backrack+ system.
The Wheel Holder offers you an easily accessible transport solution and is suitable for all common spare wheels.




The Mini Rack provides additional storage space whenever it is needed. It is perfect for transporting additional luggage. Due to the well thought-out design of the mini rack, there are countless lashing options to optimally secure the load. If the mini rack is not needed, it can simply be folded up and secured with a safety bolt.




The license plate and light repetition is necessary for all components of the Backrack+ world that impair either the beam angle of the rear lights or the field of view of the license plate.

The license plate and light repetition can be folded down and also used as a step, which makes it much easier to get into the camper van from the back. Once the mechanical preparation is in place, the Number and Light Bar can be attached and removed in a very short time.


The Bike Carrier Shuttle is ideal for transporting 2 bicycles (including eBikes). To mount the bicycles, the rear wheel brake of the bicycle is actuated and the bicycle is placed on its rear wheel.

The front wheel is then leaned against the rear edge of the Bike Carrier Shuttle and the bike is rolled over the front wheel into the holder with very little effort. After the bike is hanging in the holder, the wheels can be easily lashed down.

Do you have any further questions? Then you will find our FAQ area Here.

Carado Dog World Carado
Dog World

If you take your dog with you on your motorhome vacation, the right accessories are important. With the original accessories from Carado you will find practical products that make holidays with your four-legged friend easier.

The original accessories help to increase your dog's well-being and protect them from danger.

With the right accessories, you can look forward to a great adventure with your best friend and an RV or camper van.



The Carado dog leash attachment is a useful helper in the everyday life of a dog owner and can be attached to any smooth surface. It is very easy to assemble and impresses with its enormous holding power. The housing is made of high-quality stainless steel. This makes the Carado dog leash attachment absolutely weatherproof and protected against corrosion. When installed correctly, the suction cup can be used for many days without having to reattach it.

Dog Bed


With the dog bed from Carado, your four-legged friend can also sleep well in the motorhome.

Dogs love to snuggle up in a hollow or put their head on a raised edge. This wonderful dog bed is ideal for this! In addition to the design, which is optimally color-coordinated with the interior of the CARADO motorhomes, the bed is scratch-resistant, hard-wearing and extremely easy to care for.



Thanks to the dog guard, the space under your bed becomes the perfect retreat for your four-legged friend. Here they can retreat and, thanks to the lockable door, has a permanent place even while driving.

With the supplied holders, you can simply move the existing load protection to the rear and insert the dog guard, including the door, into the holders that have become free. It is practical that you can choose the size of the resulting space individually according to your and your dog's needs.

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