Karo's travel plan: Travel with her dogs across Germany, by ferry to Sweden, in Stockholm to pick up her boyfriend and then off to the North Cape. With the big goal of seeing the Northern Lights.
Karo inspires her followers on Instagram and YouTube with various journeys across Europe and her everyday life in the middle of the mountains. This time, 8,000 kilometers will be behind her at the end. And a lifelong dream fulfilled




Number and Names of travelers
2 persons and two dogs: Karo and Kevin with Milka and Toffee

Vehicle type
Carado T447 EDITION15

Travel period
4,5 weeks in October/November 2022

Kilometers traveled
approx. 8.042

Starting point
Leutkirch im Allgäu (DE)

North Cape (NOR)

Rostock (DE), Trelleborg and Stockholm (SE)

Special features
Travel with dogs


Watch the video travel report with Karo Tigges here.

video thumbnail

The following questions are answered in the report:

General questions:

1.     Freedom of wild camping or comfort of campgrounds? Where was your favorite place to stay?

2.     Why did you choose this region/route for your trip?

3.     What do you find exciting from a photographic point of view about the cuisine and/or culture in this region?

4.     The "TOP 3" of your explored spots?

5.     What is your personal insider tip for this route?


Individual questions:

1.     What moments can you enjoy the most on the road?

2.     How do you start the day? Do you have routines for certain times of the day?

3.     Dogcontent – how do you organize your trip/camper so that Milka & Toffee can also enjoy the trip?

4.     What are the best camping/camper gadgets for the road?

5.     How do you go about packing? How do you prepare for it, how do you pack and what do you pay attention to?

At home on 4 wheels - how do you rearrange the Carado so that you feel comfortable on the road?


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