One of the biggest advantages of holidaying in a motorhome is that you have tons of freedom and flexibility. Whether you want to go hiking in the hills or swimming in one of Europe’s many lakes. You can pack a paddleboard just as easy as a new e-bike – there’s plenty of room. However, there are few things you need to consider, such as the centre of gravity. Just follow this simple rule: place heavy stuff in the middle closer to the floor, while lighter objects should be put further up. The centre of gravity should always be as low down as possible so that it doesn’t impact the vehicle’s stability as it takes corners. In real terms, this means: Drink supplies or tinned food should be stored in the lower cupboards or in the under-seat storage.

If your motorhome has floor compartments, you can use these too for storing heavy items. Pots and pans should also be stored lower down. Light items such as clothing and glasses can be put away in cupboards on the walls. We have an extra tip for the water tank fill level that kills two birds with one stone – we recommend only filling it by a third for the trip. Doing it that way will not only help with the overall weight of the vehicle and its centre of gravity, but you’ll also save on fuel. 



Securing your load. Securing your load.

Our Carado motorhomes have an abundance of smart storage solutions. Bulky items such as camping chairs, tables and bikes can be stored in the rear garage where you can secure them in place using bungee cords or lashing straps.

The lashing eyes make this easy to do, and the handy anti-slip mats make sure everything stays put. As well as lashing straps, you can also make sure bikes on a carrier rack are extra secure by using bike locks. This protects the bike against theft and loss.

We’re sure you’ve already heard radio alerts about bikes that have come loose and fallen off on the motorway. You should also make sure things are not left out loose inside the motorhome. It’s much better if you transport everything securely in the integrated cupboards.

Meori storage solutions can come in very handy as well. Not only do they store items securely, they also help keep everything well organised. You can also load up the Meori boxes at home and then simply transfer them over to the cupboards in the motorhome. And that’s not all, Don’t store heavy items in wall cupboards with doors that open in the direction of travel. There is the risk that they can fall out when the vehicle brakes, turning them into dangerous projectiles.

Have you followed all the advice? Then nothing will get in the way of you having a relaxing holiday. Just more thing: At Carado, we’ve also thought of a few solutions to help protect your valuables. This includes the option to install a floor or passenger door safe where you can easily and securely store your cash, bank or credit cards and ID cards, leaving you to enjoy every holiday without a care. 


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*Please note that the information listed here are only suggestions. We would like to remind you that we do not accept any liability for the accuracy or completeness of all information on this website. 


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