Number and names of travelers:
2 adults (Hubert and Lissa)

Carado V337 EDITION15

Travel period:
3 weeks in September 2022

Kilometers traveled:
approx. 4.000

Starting point:
Leutkirch im Allgäu (Germany)

Danube Delta (Romania)

Timișoara, Karpaten, Transfăgărășan, Cluj-Napoca, Aria Nationalpark, Sighișoara, Bran, Sfânta-Ana-See, Berca (Romania)

Special feature:
Trip to Eastern Europe

Hubert Neufeld is a content creator and filmmaker. With the areas of nature, automotive and sports, he has exactly the interests that a camping trip also combines. The preference for special destinations brought Hubert and his partner Lissa in the Carado V337 EDITION15 to Romania. Here the two discovered mystical forests, roads blocked by sheep and a sunken village.

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Hello Hubert! Welcome back from Romania. Why did you choose this region and route for your trip?

Through my profession as a filmmaker, I have already been to Sibiu and the famous Transfăgărășan Pass Road six years ago for a car shoot. The landscape and the originality of Romania have not left me since then, and I have always tried to come back to the area. I was also aware from documentaries about the Carpathians and the Danube Delta that the country is very large and I definitely want to stay between two and three weeks. The landscape and sparse population also make the country ideal for drone photography, which is part of my vacation.

Freedom of wild camping or comfort of campgrounds: Where was your favorite place to stay?

Definitely wild camping. However, it should be said that there are also many campsites in Romania that do not correspond to the cliché of hedges and zoned plots. Some of them are farms, where the owners assign you an area with the information where there is water and an outhouse. When paying (between five and fifteen euros per night), the hosts also tend to make it seem like they don't want anything and are almost uncomfortable accepting money. A campsite highlight was the "Romanian Grand Canyon". This is an absolute insider tip that has not appeared in advance in any travel blog or guidebook. We slept alone right at the foot of the cliffs and woke up in the morning with a view of it. Unique.

Unterwegs zwischen Wändern in Rumänien mit dem Wohnmobil V337

What do you find exciting about this region from a photographer's point of view?

The originality of the country and the fact that Romania has one of the last wilderness regions in Europe brought me back to this country. There are over 3,000 bears, which we could not only sight in the reserve. There are also far more deciduous trees, fruit trees and mixed forests than in more industrialized areas. At the same time, there are many "lost places" that are always exciting to explore. Whether it's hundreds of sheep blocking the road or perfect pass roads where no one is bothered by a drone flight. The trip had many highlights.

Wilder Bär in Rumänien auf der Rundreise mit dem Carado Wohnmobil
Ein Bär sitzt neben dem Wohnmobil von Carado

What do you consider the top 3 spots you've explored?

1. Transfăgărășan Pass

2. Lake Sfanta Ana (a volcanic lake)

3. Râpa Rosie (Romanian Grand Canyon)

And what's your personal insider tip for your chosen travel route?

There is a sunken village, evacuated and flooded with mud under the Ceaușescu dictatorship. The road to it is daring without exaggeration, and we also wanted to turn around in between. The last two kilometers to the village have to be done on foot, with only a church tower sticking out of the mud amidst a surreal landscape. We made it there - and it was worth it!

Versunkenes Dorf in Rumänien beim Wohnmobil Urlaub mit Carado

Would you recommend the combination of work and motorhome to other creatives?

I found the V337 very pleasant to drive and no more cumbersome or challenging than a van. At the same time, you have the option of working on the computer for several hours at a decent table. In addition, there are secure storage options for equipment and, most importantly, organization. If you're traveling with two drones - a first-person-view(FPV) drone and a "regular" drone - as well as photography equipment and want to make backups every day, the space is a big relief. For us sunrise early risers, it's also a blessing to wake up already at the shooting location when the day dawns.

Romania by motorhome - what specific things to consider for this destination?

First of all, on the subject of security: We have not had a single bad experience here, nor did we have an unsafe feeling at any time. On the contrary: Due to the spaciousness and the low density of people, we always had the impression that any criminal activities would be noticed immediately. As far as the equipment of the vehicle is concerned, in addition to high-visibility vests, a fire extinguisher must also be carried on board.

Wohnmobil Urlaub mit dem Carado V337

Did you have a favorite place in the RV?

Yes, that was definitely the driver's seat. I found it very comfortable, and with the armrests and a drink in the holder, I soon felt like I was in my own living room. Plus the cruise control, so I could relax and explore the countryside.

Carado Wohnmobil V337 auf einer Fähre in Rumänien
Reise durch Rumänien mit dem Carado Reisemobil V337

How did you plan the journey? Did you make any stops along the way?

The trip planning was done by my partner Lissa. She has a talent for this and more patience than I do. We complemented each other perfectly, as I created the content and she meticulously planned the trip and surprised me with one highlight location after the other. On the ground, of course, we went over individual points of interest, and I looked around Google Maps to see which streets looked exciting. But the rough route and the sights were already decided before we left.


What did you have in your luggage that would definitely have to be there again on a next trip?

These are three things:

1. Folding spade

2. Pepper/bear spray

3. Headlamp


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