It is no longer a secret that holidays in a mobile home or camper van offer a great combination of freedom, flexibility and comfort when traveling. The possibility of traveling to impressive countries and places in nature without having to forego the luxury of a warm bed or a kitchen, also allows our Carado community to grow steadily. Reason enough to take a look around and get some insider tips for your next camping holiday. Today in focus: 15 practical gadgets that will make your next trip in your Carado even more beautiful and comfortable.

1. Insect sting healer:

An insider tip to start with: an electric insect bite healer. Naturally, one or the other insect bite healer is a must on a vacation in nature. Anyone who wants to get along with chemical substances in their treatment without creams can rely on the ideal alternative. As a rule, stitch healers use heat to quickly subside itching, burning and swelling.

2. Travel washing machines:

Just like insect bites, washing clothes is one of the less pleasant aspects of camping. All the better that there is now a wide selection of compact travel washing machines that offer a convenient alternative to hand washing. The small machines do not take up a lot of space and can be easily stored in the rear garage of your Carado.


From two insider tips to a real classic. Whether on the plane, on the train or on your next tour in a camper - a neck pillow should not be missing. Although there are usually “real” pillows on board for the nights in the motorhome, there is hardly anything more practical for a short nap in the passenger seat while driving.

4. Power bank for devices.:

Just like neck pillows, power banks have found their way into almost every piece of luggage. And even if there are sockets in your Carado, such a compact replacement battery on board cannot do any harm. Be it if the children want to charge their mobile phone during a day trip in the forest, if all the sockets in the camper are occupied or if you are self-sufficient away from camping sites in nature.

5. Camping fans:

Especially when camping in warm countries such as Croatia, Greece or Italy, it can get really warm in your motorhome. During the journey, an open window or the air conditioning of your Carado provides a fresh breeze, in the evening a fan can take over. There are now models from various manufacturers that can be practically charged via a USB port and then hung up in the camper or placed on a table.


Bum bags are ideal for a vacation in the camper because they take up little space, but at the same time offer enough space for the most important personal items. All important things like your phone, wallet and keys for the camper fit in the zippered pocket. Instead of a backpack, you have your valuables safe with you. In addition, thanks to their adjustable belt, bum bags do not slip around even when hiking or cycling.




If you don't always want to take all your valuables out of the camper in your bum bag, you can hide them in a so-called can safe. Disguised as a deceptively real-looking beverage can or canned food, these offer an inconspicuous and safe hiding place even in the event of a break-in in the camper. So you can leave money, jewellery and more in the motorhome with a clear conscience. As a somewhat more spacious alternative to the box safe, there are inconspicuous safes that can be installed directly in the Carado for the passenger door and the floor.

8. Bluetooth Boxes:

Bluetooth boxes are not responsible for protection, but for sound. Music is a daily companion for many people even when they are on tour on vacation. Bluetooth speakers are compact and now also sound really good. In general, the small boxes are ideal for providing the perfect sound at any location and an additional holiday feeling when traveling.

9. Travel hammocks:

Speaking of that holiday feeling: Hardly any other object is more symbolic than a hammock. So, it is also part of a vacation in a camper. Especially since there are now very robust models that can still be folded up very small. And thanks to the ingenious suspension, you can dangle comfortably between two trees on the beach or on the campsite in just a few minutes.


If you still prefer to spend your time sitting on the floor at the campsite or on the beach instead of lying in the air, you should have an outdoor-suitable blanket in your luggage. Our tip: A versatile multi-purpose outdoor blanket that is ideally water-repellent so that everything stays dry even on damp floors.




Even if you, as an experienced camper, regularly check the tire pressure of your Carado, it can always happen that one of the tyres needs additional pressure or you have to inflate the spare tyre. A battery-operated air pump suitable for car tires can help in this case. The good thing is: There is now a large selection of high-quality models that take up hardly any space in the camper and are also ideal for inflating air mattresses, swimming floats and bicycle tires.


Most dishes can of course be prepared in your Carado kitchen. But if you don't want to do without casseroles or a homemade pizza on the go, you can store a baking or pizza oven in your Carado. Ovens such as the Omnia are compact, easy to operate and thus provide additional options for preparing food on tour.




More and more lamp manufacturers are now producing mobile and even dimmable LED lights that are also ideal for camping holidays. Of course, there are enough lamps installed inside your Carado, but LED lamps and fairy lights are extremely practical for game evenings or cosy nights sitting together in front of the camper. They not only provide beautiful light and a romantic atmosphere but can usually be easily charged via a USB port.

14. E-bikes & E-scooters:

Electric bicycles and scooters are not classic gadgets, but they are more popular than ever among campers and the perfect addition to your Carado. During car journeys, they can be conveniently stored in the rear garage, which makes them ideal for exploring the area flexibly and comfortably when you stop in the forest or at the lake.

15. Folding Canoes & Stand-Up Paddle Boards:

Folding canoes and inflatable stand up paddle boards are great gadgets for on the go, especially for families with children. They can be folded up compactly and, assembled or inflated and lowered into the water, offer an astonishingly stable alternative to rented boats. As a family, you can spend exciting hours on lakes and rivers and discover nature from the water.

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