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Longing place Sardinia

Karo, Kevin and the dogs Milka and Toffee are now real Carado professionals. After their trips to Greece, this time it's off to Sardinia - the island with perhaps the most enchanting beaches in the entire Mediterranean. What experiences have they gathered and where is  the most beautiful pitch on Sardinia is, they tell in the interview. 

Summer in Scandinavia

Not for everyone are 30 degrees and sandy beaches the ideal summer vacation - for example, for families with small children and pets. Julia Mosig, mother of two kids aged four years and four months, therefore thought of something different with her family: Summertime is Scandinavia time! Together with their dog Chloé, the four of them spent eight weeks between northern Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

Carado V337 in Rumänien

Autumn in Romania

Hubert Neufeld was on the road with his partner Lissa in a motorhome. In search of breathtaking landscapes and an extraordinary destination, they went to mystical Romania. After the drive over the Transfăgărășan Pass and a visit to the Aria National Park, it was clear: Romania creates memories that last forever.

Mit dem Wohnmobil T447 reist Karo Tigges von Deutschland zum Nordkap

Fulfilling a life dream - the northern lights

Karoline Tigges is an influencer and Youtuber. She loves the mountains, traveling and especially her dogs Milka and Toffee. It is exactly this mixture that makes Karo's content: Her pictures and videos tell of unique journeys, everyday life with dogs and a huge portion of joie de vivre.

On this trip, Karo has fulfilled a lifelong dream: together with her boyfriend and their dogs, they are going to the North Cape. With the great desire in the luggage to actually be able to see the northern lights. Did it work out?

On the road in the North

One thing has always been clear to Marie and Max: Scandinavia is at the top of their list of travel destinations. Having grown up in the middle of the Alps, in Zell am See, they feel right at home in nature. Lots of water, vast landscapes, high mountains and a life far away from any hustle and bustle - Scandinavia is the perfect destination!

Highlights in Greece

The first time in Greece! Not so easy to decide what you want to see. Between culture, culinary delights and fantastic beaches, the southeastern European country has so much to offer for traveling in a motorhome. Carolin Kammermeier therefore decided to simply look at as much as possible. She came back with wonderful memories of nature, food and hospitality.

Quality time on the Atlantic

Summer, good friends and the Atlantic coast: that sounds like an ideal holiday. In this travel reportage, Linda Meixner and her friend Carola Völk discover very special places that enchant them both. Their journey with the Carado Camper Van took them to Cap Ferret - a place they both love. A travel reportage about the original meaning of a holiday: having a good time.

Italy round trip

Ourtravelness, that's Thommy, Anni and Rosie. The self-proclaimed "travel family with a lot of adventure in their luggage" take their followers on Instagram into their everyday travels between family and being on the road.

The real Carado pros took us along on their round trip this time. The result is a video travel report that lets us feel the magic of Italy and at the same time provides us with important tips & tricks that could be important for the next trip.

Short trip Europe: From Allgäu to Istria

Which spots in Europe do you show guests when you only have a week? Valerie had a visit from three friends from Canada and decided to do a little round trip: From the Allgäu they went via Munich and Innsbruck to Pula and further via Venice and back to the Allgäu.

3 Seasons in 3 Countries

Always with his finger on the pulse, Kevin Schmitz is one of Germany's most sought-after content creators. With the Carado V337 of EDITION15, he set out on a journey of discovery - and developed content in Germany, Austria and Italy that includes more than just a few nice pictures.

Slovenia's nature, Italy's charm & Croatia's coast

Combining work, travel and family – that sounds like a good life. Photographer Hansi Heckmair set out together with his wife and little daughter and really enjoyed the diversity of Europe somewhere between seclusion, mountains, the dolce vita and the sound of the sea.

Camping with a toddler: 29 days in Spain in Autumn

There is only one broad goal and the intention to be spontaneous and flexible along the way: This trip takes Anni, Thommy and Rosie to Spain, where they say goodbye to old prejudices. With all its sights, Spain can fully score as a travel destination - and even in autumn.

Imposing Alps

The Alps are very popular as a holiday destination and for short trips. The mountains are attracting more and more tourists. Photographer and content creator Georg Lindacher takes us on his three-day trip with the Carado CV540 to the Austrian Alps.

Between nature and Athens

First with a friend and now with her partner. Karoline Tigges was so enthusiastic about her trip to Greece that she quickly packed her two dogs again and set off again. This time on board: her boyfriend Kevin. And something else has changed: Back then with the camper van, this time Karo is on the road with a semi-integrated vehicle from Carado.

Arts. Carado. And Brittany

What happens when a photo-artist and creator goes to Brittany? Unique images of places emerge, the wanderlust in them awakens and they long for a new freedom.

Car(ad)o and the rain

A short trip to the foothills of the Alps. Sunshine? No. But Caro and Caro make an adventure out of it. With coffee, racing bikes and joie de vivre in your luggage.


4 wheels and 12 paws

Two friends travel with three dogs from southern Germany to Greece. Pretty brave and such a long distance, right? However, Karo and Nikola think that fear has never been a good companion. And just do it. We start with a rough plan in hand. The goal: a good time for two two-legged friends and three four-legged friends.

My lockdown escape experiment

A trip to Germany. But not a normal one. André Wagner goes out with his family of 4. To make his ideas as a photographer come true even during Corona Virus times. While he used to spend weeks on photo expeditions in distant countries, the Carado T447 now serves as a retreat and temporary home. During these times, he has the opportunity to reconcile family and work. And even to discover powerful advantages.


6,000km without a campsite

From Germany to Portugal and back. And the whole thing: completely without an overnight stay at a campsite. Debi Flügge, her boyfriend Kev and her dog Django drove through half of Europe to the Algarve coast and camped exclusively on legal free places. She reports on this adventure with lots of tips and tricks.


The route is the goal

Almost 70% of the tourists on Lake Garda are from Germany. Valerie and Moritz head to Lake Garda. Unique destinations such as Lake Braies, the Olympia campsite in Toblach or the Three Peaks were not only side-lines, but also gave the holiday a unique touch. A vacation in stages.

From the south to Rügen

Germany as a holiday destination has become increasingly attractive in recent months. Photographer Tobias Nägele travelled from Allgäu to the Baltic Sea: varied, entertaining and above all: underrated. In this interview, we talk to him about rapeseed fields, favourite places and why he recommends travelling precisely when no one else is on the road.


Croatia for three

UESCO World Heritage Sites, Karl Mey film adaptations, magical lake landscapes and more. If you think of New Zealand or South America now, you're wrong. Anni, Thommy & Rosie from ourtravelness prove us wrong and take us on a road trip to and in Croatia.

In love with Europe

Anne and Sören left everything behind to spend a year travelling across Europe in a camper van. They discovered unspoilt countryside, breath-taking camping spots and a camping community with camaraderie at its heart.

Us elsewhere

Juggling time constraints, stress and a heavy workload, Steve and Rike Brookland were fed up with their everyday lives. They decided a drastic change was needed, and so they set off with their two children on a trip around continental Europe to discover faraway places, meet new people, and ultimately even find a new home.

Feeling free

A motorhome gives you the freedom to just hit the road with everything you need in tow, staying wherever takes your fancy. It’s the perfect way to explore the region between Konstanz and Lindau


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