Number and names of travellers:
2 adults (Nadine Voigt and partner)

Carado CV540

Travel period:
3 weeks in march 2023

Traveled kilometers:
approx. 3,400

Starting point: 
Leutkirch im Allgäu (Germany)


Sarnen, Grindelwald, Lauterbrunnen, Zermatt, Lake Como, Milan, Levanto, Cinque Terre, Florence, Asciano, Arezzo, Saturnia, Rimini, Dolomites

Special feature:


Nadine Voigt, also known as MISS SACHSEN 2020, loves to discover the world. As an enthusiastic mountaineer and nature lover, she is always drawn out into nature. With her degree in tourism and event management, she combines her love of travel with her professional background. With her partner, she recently embarked on their first road trip together to experience the benefits of camping. This trip awakened in her and her boyfriend the desire to explore the world further - on four wheels from now on.

Back from her round trip, Nadine has wonderful travel memories and tips in her luggage. She shares the most important ones with us:  

The most breathtaking places:

Among all the wonderful places we have visited, two in particular have burned themselves into our hearts. The first is Marina Di Corniglia - a charming little bar in Corniglia, one of the charming villages of Cinque Terre. There we enjoyed the best Aperol of our lives on the gorgeous terrace overlooking the sea.

And secondly, we had Saturnia. The hot springs in the middle of nowhere in Tuscany. Every second, 800 litres of 37.5 degree hot, mineral-rich water gush out of the earth here - a real natural spectacle!

The favourite campsite:

Clearly, our favourite campsite was the "Punto Natura Coltivazione Biologica di olio". This natural campsite was nestled in a fragrant olive grove and offered us a breathtaking view of the Tuscan countryside. Here we could relax and enjoy life to the fullest.

Simply switch off:

With a view of all the picturesque places and landscapes, we were directly in holiday mode from second one. That's why, according to the motto "Slow Travelling", we simply rested a lot and enjoyed the wonderful moments as a couple. This is often forgotten in everyday life. Playing trivia was a constant favourite and always caused fits of laughter. But reading and keeping a travel diary were also among our favourite pastimes.

The highlight:

Our absolute sightseeing highlight was the majestic Matterhorn in Switzerland. As avid mountain lovers, we had already climbed numerous peaks, but the Matterhorn with its proud 4,478 metres above sea level simply fascinated us. We took a hike through the adjacent ski area while admiring the impressive mountain at our leisure.

Camping Culinary:

It's all in the mix! Whether in restaurants or home-cooked, food plays a central role in our lives. During our adventure, we found a perfect balance between the two. In the camper, we indulged in delicious pasta and spicy curry dishes. Of course, there is hardly anything better than buying fresh ingredients for them at an Italian market in spring.

But we also love trying out different local restaurants. Every country has its own cuisine - on a round trip, it's a good idea to try everything. That's exactly what we did: from Swiss cheese fondue to the classic: stone-baked pizza in Italy - nowhere does it taste better!

Indispensable gadgets in the motorhome:

Three gadgets proved to be absolutely indispensable. First of all, our extra water canister, which allowed us to spontaneously stay a few days longer while wild camping if we felt like it. Then we had an atmospheric string of lights with us to create a romantic atmosphere in the camper van. And last but not least, our practical shopping nets were indispensable for storing fruit and vegetables safely and in a space-saving way.

The cosiest corner in the camper:

Our favourite place in the camper was undoubtedly the bed. It was so cosy that you would have loved to spend the whole day in it. Every morning we opened the back doors and let the sun wake us up. It was our perfect start to the day, surrounded by the beauty of nature and the feeling of boundless freedom that this road trip gave us.



Our road trip together was an unforgettable adventure that brought us even closer together. The freedom, the variety of places visited and the unforgettable experiences along the way have only increased our love for camping. We are already looking forward to the next trip and feel an even stronger longing to get our own camper to experience more unforgettable adventures.


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