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Holiday with the motorhome – what do the Germans want?

Carado presents study results and concept vehicle

August 2019 – Perfect freedom, limitless choice of travel destinations and the certainty of being at home all over the world - all this adds to the fascination of caravanning. Hardly any holiday form is so flexible and versatile. No wonder that the mobile travelling is constantly becoming more popular, as figures prove. According to Caravaning Industrie Verband e.V., the number of new registrations of motorhomes in Germany rose by more than 14 percent in the first half of 2019 compared to the previous year. But what must a recreational vehicle be for Germans and what exactly do they expect for their motorhome holiday? This question has now been answered by motorhome manufacturer Carado thanks to a study in collaboration with the market research company Dynata. And the motorhome that meets all requirements is now presented by Carado - with its new concept car.

Once a year is not enough 
More and more people are satisfying their yearning for nature and new places, for relaxation and leisure activities by traveling with the mobile home. Of the 1,009 respondents aged 18 and over who have ever taken a vacation with a motorhome or similar recreational vehicle, 86 percent have been on tour in the past three years, 67 percent even in the past twelve months. And many cannot get enough. 65 percent state that they have even taken a motorhome holiday four or more times over the past three years. In short, caravanning prevails and the campers know exactly what their motorhome holiday is all about.

The motorhome, which respondents would buy or rent, must be functional above all. 88 percent want a practical layout and 80 percent a spacious interior. Carado solves this in its concept vehicle, an A Class, with a walk-in, large rear garage, sophisticated bathroom and kitchen concepts as well as numerous functional ideas. Furthermore, 78 percent of the motorhome travellers expect a high quality for their vehicle and 65 percent a comprehensive specification.

Functional spaces
The kitchen plays an important role in the daily routine of caravanning. For what could be better than enjoying your favourite dish in the middle of nature? Therefore, Carado has specifically asked what people attach importance to in their motorhome kitchen. Again, the focus is on functional characteristics. With 86 percent, practical equipment comes first. Among other things, Carado relies on a retractable plug-in tower and a waste collector accessible from above in the worktop. With 84 percent, the easy cleaning of the motorhome kitchen follows in second place. This is implemented in the concept vehicle, for example, by a splashguard for the kitchen window and the combined induction / gas stove, which perfectly combines fast cooking performance and easy cleaning. Another important role is played by the storage space with 83 percent, which Carado offers with spacious drawers and a large refrigerator.
Naturally, a large bathroom contributes to the well-being in the mobile home. It should offer enough room for all the daily care rituals. This is also shown by the study results: 75 percent of the respondents want roominess in the bathroom. In the separable bathroom of the Carado concept car, this is ensured by a freely accessible, freestanding washbasin and a ground-level corner shower. For 72 percent, storage space is an important element. Carado has found a clever solution with the direct access from the bathroom to the wardrobe. High-quality materials are also very important, 58 percent of the respondents put focus on this point. The concept car includes among other things a high-quality ceramic toilet.

Triad of movement, relaxation and enjoyment
As a manufacturer of modern motorhomes in the entry-level segment, Carado is also interested in what people like to do during their journey and how the recreational vehicle can contribute to a successful holiday experience. The respondents' preferences are divided into the three areas of being active, relaxing and enjoying, which Carado perfectly serves with his concept car. The best conditions for sporting activities, for example, provides the combination dirt room / bicycle garage. The 81 percent of the respondents who like to go hiking or go for a walk can stow their shoes in a floor compartment, use the wall heater to dry wet clothes and sit down on the folding stool for easy changing of shoes. For the 906 respondents, who like to do sightseeing, the most popular means of transportation (67 percent) are bicycles and e-bikes. And 44 percent of the 840 respondents who like to cycle during a motorhome holiday, already use e-bikes, 38 percent can imagine it in the future.
All bike enthusiasts may like the bike racks in the concept vehicle, which hold the cycles vertically in a space-saving way, as well as the ramp for comfortable loading of the heavy e-bikes. Dewatering around the cylcles allows dirty water to flow directly into the wastewater tank and two 220-volt outlets make it easy to recharge e-bikes.

Relaxation should not be neglected during caravaning. For example, 65 percent of respondents stated that they like to read on tour. No problem for Carado thanks to the ergonomically designed lounging area, which is as comfortable as the sofa at home. Due to the flexible back cushions, it can also be used as a day or emergency bed in addition to the two single pull-down beds. 63 percent like to listen to music during caravanning. Therefore a soundbar guarantees best sound quality with stereo effect. And 36 percent like to watch movies, and thus will fully enjoy the 32-inch TV with horizontal TV holder, perfectly visible from the lounge area. Particularly practical: In the entrance area, an induction charging surface for mobile phones and small appliances has found a place. There are no limits to listening to music while jogging or hiking.

Finally yet importantly, the enjoyment must not be neglected during a motorhome holiday. Especially convenient is the flexible use of the table in the lounge area. The table can be stowed away completely under the seating, is infinitely adjustable as couch or dining table and can even be taken outside if necessary. Furthermore, it provides integrated bottle holders. This is good news for the 974 respondents who like to spend time caravanning with family and friends, because 89 percent of them like to barbecue or picnic together. Therefore, the removable cooler in the rear garage is as convenient as the LED strip on the awning for an atmospheric lighting. 87 percent like culinary experiences and therefore benefit from the wine glass shelf in the kitchen as a rattle-free storage option and the wine fridge with space for up to twelve bottles. The 82 percent who regularly use their motor home kitchen are probably thrilled by the 1.4-metre wide worktop, the cutting boards as a cover for sink and waste bin and the induction / gas combination.

Germans love caravanning and like to be at least as good as at home. Anyone who wants to know how Carado combines functionality, design and comfort in the motorhome will find the answer not only in the unique concept car. All models from Carado make a vacation in a motorhome a very special and unforgettable experience. And we like to do it as often as we can in the year. 

About Carado
Carado GmbH is a company of the Erwin Hymer Group. It offers sturdy motorhomes, vans and camper vans in the entry-level segment at fair prices and in exceptional quality. Reliable functionality, retention of value and classic elegance are the unique selling features of Carado vehicles. Carado is the right brand for those who are intent on enjoying life, love travelling and want mobility and flexibility. 

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