At Carado we are dedicated to providing you with the best camping and travel experience possible. One of the crucial components to your comfort and independence on the road is choosing the right refrigerator for your RV. We install powerful refrigerators in our high-quality motorhomes and camper vans, which even have an optional freezer compartment. On this page you will find comprehensive information about our refrigerator variants and can easily find out which one best suits your individual requirements.

Absorption refrigerator Compressor refrigerator
Camper Vans


In our motorhomes we use the absorption refrigerator, a proven refrigerator technology that is characterized by its versatility and reliability. The absorption refrigerator can be operated with the following three energy sources:

  • On-board battery with 12V direct current
  • Shore power with 230V AC
  • Gas

This flexibility allows you to operate the absorption refrigerator independently of your current power supply. Please note that the absorption refrigerator can react more sensitively to high temperature differences compared to the outside temperature.

Features such as its silent operation and the use of gas or electricity make it the ideal choice for anyone who likes to be self-sufficient and wants reliable cooling.

Compressor refrigerator

In our camper vans we use the compressor refrigerator, a modern cooling technology that is characterized by its high performance and independence from external temperatures. This refrigerator can run on two energy sources:

  • On-board battery with 12V direct current
  • Shore power with 230V AC

The compressor refrigerator is extremely energy efficient and ensures constant cooling.

Camper Van


Here you will find an overview of the differences between the two refrigerator variants.

Characteristic Absorber refrigerator Compressor refrigerator
Electric operation (12V & 230V)
Gas operation
Noise level low medium
Suitable for self-sufficient camping Very suitable suitable
Power consumption high small

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