Ourtravelness, that's Thommy, Anni and Rosie. The self-proclaimed "travel family with lots of adventure in their luggage" take their followers on Instagram into their everyday travels between family and being on the road. The real Carado pros took us along on their round trip in spring. The result is a video travel report that lets us feel the magic of Italy and at the same time provides us with important tips & tricks that could be important for your next trip.


Once to Tuscany and back. From Asciano and Pienza, via Pisa and Florence to Venice: A video reportage about the 3 week round trip of Ourtravelness in the Carado T448 to the most beautiful spots of Italy. And after a long winter, spring in the Cinque Terre is just the thing to pick up speed in the new camping year.



Number of travellers:
2 adults (Anni and Thommy) and 1 small child (Rosie)

Vehicle type: 
Carado T448 Edition 15

Travel period:
3 weeks in March/April 2022

Kilometres travelled:
approx. 3,000 km

Starting point: 
Leutkirch im Allgäu (Germany)

Tuscany, Asciano, Pienza, Saturnia, San Gimignano, Montereggioni, Pisa, Lucca, Florence, Liguria, Cinque Terre, Riomaggiore, Mandorla, Vernazza, Veneto, Delta de Po, Venice

Round trip Italy


Click here for the video travel report with Ourtravelness

video thumbnail

The following questions in particular are answered in the report:

What is your favorite camping dish?

What can't be missing from your packing list?

What moment will you never forget?

What place will you remember most?

Advice and tips?

Recommendations for rainy days in the Carado?

Tips for traveling with a child?

How do you organize your stopovers?

Do you have rituals when traveling?

What can you recommend in Tuscany in spring?


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