Number and names of fellow travelers: 
2 adults and 2 children (Anni, Thommy, Rosie and Bowie)

Carado T448

Travel Period:
May 2023

Kilometres travelled:
3.100 km

Starting point: 
Leutkirch im Allgäu


MAISTRA Campingplatz Valkanela (Kroatien)

Special Feature:
Familienreise, Kooperation mit MAISTRA Camping



In this travel report we accompany Ourtravelness on an unforgettable camping adventure with MAISTRA Camping. You can read about the breathtaking nature, the numerous family activities and learn more about culinary delights at the picturesque Valkanela campsite in Croatia. You will also receive valuable tips for a successful camping holiday with children and be inspired by fascinating stories and impressive photos that bring the beauty of nature to life. Discover with us the endless possibilities that a camping holiday can offer.


Hello, Anni and Thommy, welcome back from your camping trip! You had an exciting time with CARADO and Maistra Camping. Can you give us a brief insight into your vacation?

Of course! Our camping holiday with Carado and MAISTRA Camping was really great! We had a nice pitch, which gave us a great view. Everything we needed was close to hand and we could just relax without worrying about anything. It was particularly nice for us as a family to see different towns in the area and to experience activities on the campsite. So all in all a wonderful adventure that we would repeat at any time.


Unterwegs in Kroatien mit dem CArado T448 und Ourtravelness

What activities did you experience at the campsite and in the surrounding area?

There are a wide range of activities for the whole family at the campsite. Our kids had a lot of fun at the many playgrounds, on the beach and of course in the pool area. Rosie went to the Mini Club twice and made new friends there in addition to beautiful bracelets. MAISTRA Camping also provided us with bicycles with child seats for one day, so that we could easily explore the entire area by bike. Another excursion destination was the nearby village of Vrsar. Our absolute highlight, however, was the sunset at the sea. Two days in a row we rented a SUP board from the campsite and had a great time on the water.


Kinderprogramm und Pool für Kinder auf dem Camping Platz Maistra Kroatien
Unterwegs mit Ourtravelness in Kroation mit dem T448 von Carado

What was special about this camping trip for you as a family?

As a family, we had the opportunity to spend valuable time together surrounded by nature and to experience exciting adventures. Best of all: all this was possible from a single place and we lacked nothing! The baker and shop around the corner. The sea on your doorstep. It was a perfect balance to the hectic everyday life and a nice opportunity to bring us even closer together as a family.


Do you have any valuable tips for a successful camping holiday with children that you would like to share?

Absolutely! Our experience has shown us that good preparation and organization are crucial. It is helpful to research the campsite and its facilities beforehand to ensure they are child-friendly. Taking along toys for the little ones and activities on site can also make the days at the campsite varied. We also recommend to explore nature and the surrounding area - be it by bike tours or walks. Ultimately, the most important thing is to stay flexible and enjoy camping as a valuable family time and recreation..


Maistra Camping ist ein kinderfreundlicher Campingplatz in Kroatien

Did you have a fixed daily routine or certain routines at the campsite?

We deliberately didn't have a fixed daily routine or specific routines on the campsite. For us, our vacation should be a time of relaxation and freedom. We let ourselves be guided by nature and the possibilities on site. Every day was different and offered new adventures. We enjoyed the flexibility to plan our activities on the fly and just go with the flow. That was a great advantage, because we could act according to our needs and wishes.


Ourtravelness auf dem Maistra Campingplatz in Kroatien

Can you tell us something about the MaiEats restaurants and bars?

We thought it was nice to try out the various MaiEats restaurants in addition to the typical camping kitchen. We liked the fact that each of the restaurants had its own special features and menu. In addition to the delicious burgers, pasta, pizzas and salads, there was never a dull moment.


Ourtravelness auf dem kinderfreundlichen Campingplatz Maistra in Kroation
Leckeres Essen, guter Wein auf dem CAmpingplatz Maistra in Kroation mit Carado T448

Question: Could you share with us one of your unforgettable moments during your summer vacation in Croatia?

One of the most beautiful experiences at the campsite was when we stood on the SUP board with Rosie, just let ourselves be carried away by the water and admired an unforgettable sunset. The sight was simply breathtaking - as the sun slowly left the horizon. It was a moment that will last forever and even now we get goosebumps just thinking about it. That moment was so carefree and will forever have a special place in our hearts.


Herrlicher Sonnenuntergang in Kroatien mit dem Carado T448 Reisemobil


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